KEYFUND — A Yield Token With a Deflationary Mechanism.

Time is of the essence for everyone in this age of globalization. At the moment, digital currency is utilized to reduce transaction times. The cryptocurrency was initially identified as a payment method that allows users to do transactions in a fast, secure, and anonymous manner without the intervention of third parties. As the Crypto or blockchain ecosystem has grown and developed, several alternative investment alternatives have emerged, proving to be more efficient and lucrative investment vehicles than traditional financial returns. Bitcoin has the potential to become the most valuable digital asset for investment. because it is simple to use, safe, and allows for the elimination of high transaction costs It is the most significant thing in the financial sector, and it has shown to be an interruption lifter in financial transactions worldwide. Bitcoin has established a decentralized, transparent, and inaccessible accountable system by utilizing blockchain technology.


The secret sauce at KeyFund is automated LP. Meet the best Autonomous Yield Token, which is ready to develop and eager to break down the limits of the crypto market with its unique deflationary mechanism. The token with the most supply, a perpetual liquidity lock, and transaction-based burning.

Automatic Liquidity Pool (LP)

The secret sauce at KeyFund is automated LP. We have a function here that provides holders with a two-way beneficial implementation. To begin, the contract gathers tokens from both sellers and buyers and adds them to the LP, therefore establishing a stable price floor.

Second, the penalty acts as an arbitrage-resistant mechanism, ensuring KeyFund volume as an incentive for holders. In theory, the extra LP provides stability from the supplied LP by adding the tax to the token’s overall liquidity, boosting the token’s total LP and preserving the price floor. This is in contrast to the burn function of other reflection tokens, which is only useful in the short term owing to the supply drop.



The KEYFUND is intended to reward investors while also boosting liquidity and value. It does this by imposing a 5% fee on all transactions.

Holders receive 1% of the total (instantly without fees)
2% is indefinitely locked into liquidity (allows trading)
1% of our budget was spent on outreach to help us grow*.
1% was directly burned to a dead address.
Max Supply Deflationary Token,


Circulating Supply 110,000,000
Sale Tokens 77,000,000
Soft Cap 22,000,000
Start Time 6th August
End Time 8th August
Min. Investment $10

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