Jumble cash is a website that adds anonymity to Binance smart chain BNB transactions.

What is Jumble cash?

Jumble cash is a website that adds anonymity to Binance smart chain BNB transactions. The goal of Jumble Cash is to create and deploy financial instruments that provide anonymity within open finance. They agree that BNB supporters deserve peace of mind in terms of their financial past, wealth trace, recent and upcoming purchases, with some 85 billion USD in latent equity in BNB. Jumble Cash pools reflect anonymity, but also a simple interface for committing private transactions.

They have a combined supply of 100,000,000 coins, and a circulating supply of 42,175,000 coins. JUM is the name of the token.
Your transaction behavior is unchanged by Jumble, but your protection is enhanced.
Through using privacy-focused architecture and algorithms, Jumble essentially breaks the on-chain connection between transaction sources and destination addresses, making your data safe and anonymous.


Jumble Pools are used to fuel wallet transactions.
Jumble Pools use a fully open and autonomous protocol for private BNB transactions (BEP20). It implements transaction privacy on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) by using privacy-focused algorithms to effectively break the on-chain connection between transaction sources and destination addresses. Users communicate with their wallet in the same way as they do with MetaMask. Jumble functions in the background to enhance and secure your privacy.
Non-Jumble users can also access the Pools directly through the network, increasing the degree of privacy enjoyed by both.

Jumble Cash Enables User Privacy and Drives Acceptance :

After its transition from an exchange token to a complete blockchain, they have seen a slew of Ethereum ventures fork over to Binance Smart Chain (BSC). Engineers and projects who want to fork an existing code base can do so with the aim of improving the original version. Not only do I want to be a pure copycat, but I also want to empower users’ privacy for BNB transactions!

Token Detail

Supreme Supply : 100,000,000
Starting Circulating Supply : 42,175,000
Ticker : JUM

IDO round

IDO dispatch on BSC Starter : 30,000,000 JUM
Date : 28th April 14:00 UTC — 30th April 14:00 UTC
JUM cost : 0.0004 BNB
Vesting : 100% opened
Responsibility money related norms : BNB

Jumble dissemination breakdown
Seed : 37.50 %
BSC Starter (IDO) : 30 %
Liquidity : 12 %
Improvement : 5 %
Team : 5 %
Advancing : 11.50 %

Seed round scattering nuances :

The seed round received 37 and a half percent of the reserve. This is a group of our long-term collaborators and core interests who we would call “sharp capital” because they had the option to invest early. Their obligation and support contribute to our usual vision for the endeavor. The 37.5 million tokens issued address 37.50 percent of the stock without a doubt. 25% of the seed round will be opened on posting, with the remaining 25% reliably posting. The seed round is now closed for those who are already thinking about it.

PancakeSwap Listing
Liquidity on posting : 12,000,000 JUM
Date : 30th April 14:01 UTC
JUM cost : 0.0005 BNB
Pair : BNB

$JUM HODLERS have the option to stake their tokens. 80 percent of all expenses incurred by the show (in BNB) will be allocated to people who search $JUM on a monthly basis. The additional 20% will be used to further sustain product growth and change.

How to Combine BNB in Jumble Cash Pools :

  1. Deposit : A consumer produces a random key (note) and deposits BNB into the system (BEP20).
    Link your BEP20 wallet to the Jumble Cash app. Then, choose the pool into which you want to deposit: Jumble Cash reportedly provides 0.1; 1; 10; and 100 BNB pools.
  2. Wait : To protect their anonymity, consumers can wait a certain amount of time after depositing before withdrawing. Both future deposits contribute to your investment becoming increasingly anonymous.
  3. Withdraw : The deal moves BNB after a customer submits evidence of getting a correct note to one of the notes deposited.

Conclusion :

Jumble Pools use a fully decentralized and autonomous display for private BNB trades (BEP20). It enables trade insurance on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) by using security-focused estimations to appropriately split the on-steel between trade sources and target areas. Customers who communicate with their wallets like using MetaMask. Jumble works tirelessly in the background to upgrade and obtain your protection. Non-Jumble consumers can still use the Pools clearly across the network, and everybody values the degree of security. Your trade lead does not shift with Jumble, but your defense does.

More about jumble cash :

Website: https://jumblecash.com/
Telegram: https://t.me/jumblecash
BNB pools: https://jumblecash.com/app
Twitter: https://twitter.com/jumble_cash
Medium: https://medium.com/@jumblecash


Forum Username : cryptopathum
Forum Profile Link : https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=2088829
Telegram Username : @pathumbitcoin
BSC Wallet Address : 0x88c058389C0eaB00a3516273245C50Ca5141A34e



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