HyperBoost is a hyperinflationary token with a cutting-edge protocol.

Token with Hyperinflationary Potential :

HyperBoost Features :

  • Hour of HyperBoost Every day, the system will contribute 2% tax liquidity to the pool in order to raise the base price of HyperBoost. As a result, even when the market is down, the value of HyperBoost will rise dramatically.
  • HYPER Burn Protocol : a protocol that will automatically set the token burning. This is a more complex protocol than the ordinary auto boost token, thus perhaps the price of HyperBoost will rise as a result of this protocol.
  • Hyper Security & Transparency : Users do not need to be concerned about HyperBoost’s security and transparency since HyperBoost assures that this token’s security and transparency are treated carefully. HyperBoost even collaborates with Cyber Security Experts so that HyperBoost smart contracts may be edited.
  • To cope with massive transactions from whales, a technique that will limit swing traders, price manipulations, and misuse sales by charting may only be ticked by 30%.

Tokenomics :

Roadmap :

To conclude :

More Info :




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