FilipCoin is a Tokonized Payment System for Fast Payment.

It’s no secret that the transportation industry has its own set of issues when it comes to synchronizing numerous payment data systems, resulting in inefficiencies and payment data duplication. Imagine if all of the stakeholders in this multi-payment data system could be brought together in a single payment consortium of a blockchain; indeed, Filipcoin makes this feasible. Filipcoin is a tokenized payment system that allows for quick payments as well as significant savings owing to cheap transaction costs. Furthermore, once converted into Filipcoin, fiat cash may be utilized interchangeably by many stakeholders. A decentralized finance system is designed to simplify and accelerate the transportation system by using an innovative tokenized payment that is both lucrative and sustainable for all stakeholders such as commuters or company owners. It is a totally safe and secure blockchain-enabled decentralized tokenized payment that can be connected with numerous decentralized apps and has a smart contract capacity for further validation and verification by concerned stakeholders. Create an account and purchase Filipcoin.

What is Filipcoin?

In the service economy sector, FILIPCOIN is developing a blockchain ecosystem for mobile application services. FILIP’s objective is to build a social capital platform for service economy applications that incorporates blockchain technology in order to use and enhance decentralized transaction protocol systems in order to serve and address the interests of all of its participants both locally and worldwide.

The objective is to create and build our own blockchain technology centered on decentralized finance, a system of service economy applications, and practical solutions for users, investors, and developer partners.

FILIP aspires to be one of the cryptocurrency pioneers in the Philippines, as well as in Asia, to adopt DeFi and propel the nation to global financial digitalization. We want to be the financial technology catalyst, promoting the growth of our partners, investors, and other stakeholders.

FILIPCOIN objectives :

  • Make transactions between applications, merchants, and users as simple and safe as possible.
  • Allow for the movement of value between users and merchants.
  • Make the exchange/splitting of virtual monies a reality.
  • Collaboration of payment gateways with many sectors.
  • Create and deliver a mass payment facility to meet the demands of the community.

The Benefits of Filip Coin :

  • Ease of Use : Flexibility This particular application will enable partners from the transportation and other mobile payment application service sectors to integrate a payment gateway to the FILIPCOIN blockchain ecosystem; these plug-and-play tools make it simple for anyone with a smartphone to access financial services at a lower cost and with greater ease, demonstrating the beauty of a decentralized system leveraged by having its own blockchain.
  • Collaboration : Through decentralization and enhanced accessibility of accessible technologies, FILIPCOIN will be able to serve to major groups of users and target markets including Developers, Corporations, Small-Medium Enterprise, and End User.
  • Supportive : Since 2017, the whole team and FILIPCOIN holders have developed a stronger basis from the public for ongoing support and growth of the FCP ecosystem. The team will be responsible for the cryptocurrency assets, coin development, and regular upgrades of future goods and services on the FILIPCOIN blockchain. The funds acquired by the FILIP organization will be used to strengthen the FILIPCOIN and boost its value through correct integration of service economic application initiatives.
  • Exclusive : Exclusive technologies that are already in use in the Philippines’ transportation industry. The FILIPCOIN team is building a blockchain environment for decentralized apps (DApps) and decentralized exchange (DEX) in the payment service industry. Unlike other cryptocurrency initiatives, FILIPCOIN holders currently have immediate access to an established and fully operating application for the Transportation Industry, with further uses and benefits on the way.
  • Prospective : Bitcoin, the first cryptocurrency, is still the most well-known blockchain application. However, this technology has swiftly progressed and extended in a variety of different fields since then. The primary goal of Bitcoin was to make money and payments decentralized and available to everyone. Although Bitcoin failed to deliver on this promise, decentralized finance based on blockchain (“DeFi“), also known as open finance, is a promising new technology. DeFi runs using decentralized, permissionless (no central authority) apps known as DApps that are developed on a blockchain network, most often Ethereum. Visionaries envision this as an open-source alternative to all of the financial services we now utilize. Consider savings, loans, and trades, as well as insurance and other services, as being worldwide accessible.
  • Safe & Secure : FILIPCOIN, as part of blockchain technology, is devoted to providing a safe and suitable platform to an open-source community. Our expert development team will use technological and conceptual innovation to integrate on-chain and off-chain data.

What is FCP token?

The FCP Token will be used to power the FILIPCOIN service economy software initiatives, as well as to reward or be paid for participating in peer-to-peer payments.

With a maximum supply of 168 Million FILIPCOINS, 83,868,000 Million of the total created tokens will be earmarked for the ICO, which will last two months. It should be mentioned that the FCP minimum is 100 FILIPCOINS.

TOTAL SUPPLY 168,000,000.00

Benefits for FCP holders :

FILIPCOIN holders will receive exclusive benefits as a reward for participating in the ICO. Filipcoin ownership is required to gain access to the services and projects that holders may use and exploit, allowing them to optimize their purposes and associated advantages.

Filipcoin (FCP) enables adoption of the digital currency trend by allowing users to send and receive FC, BTC, and ETH anywhere in the globe, swap tokens under ETH, and pay fare in most modes of transaction everywhere.


FCP / Filipay enables automatic fare collection for all public utility vehicles, adoption of digital currency trends, sending and receiving money/credits anywhere in the world, receiving rebates from your favorite shopping sites or restaurants, paying ahead with your bills, gasoline, foods, travels, and many other things.

  • Cryptocurrency Decentralized Exchange.
  • Fare Collection by Auto.
  • Pay in Advance to Increase Payment Mobility.
  • Easily accessible, dependable, and convenient.
  • Reward Points in the Form of Digital Currency.
  • E-Wallet with High Security ü Send and Receive Digital Currency.
  • Rebates for Collaboration.
  • Gateways are being loaded.


1 . (October 2017 — November 2020) includes the formation of the FCP TEAM as well as the establishment of an educational website.

2 . (December 2017 to November 2020) focuses on the Affiliate Site, which handles applications, bounty awards, and airdrops.

3 . (December 2017 to March 2021) also includes the implementation of full FILIPAY functionality with Filipworks where transportation industry transactions are tracked.

4 . FCP Mobile Wallet will be created between November 2020 and January 2021.

5 . (October to December 2021) provides the Filipay and Filipcoin wallets through the DEX (Decentralized Exchange) Fiat to Digital Currency Conversion.

6 . (2021–2025) The BLOCKCHAIN DEVELOPMENT for the Service Economy App will begin.


In conclusion :

FILIPCOIN is developing a blockchain environment for decentralized apps (DApps) and decentralized exchange (DEX) in the payment service economy. In contrast to other ventures in the bitcoin realm. All transactions paid with FILIPCOINS and other tokens and cryptocurrencies on the FILIP blockchain will boost FILIPCOIN circulation. Long-term FILIP ‘holders’ will soon possess a legacy currency that can be used from one generation to the next as FILIP continues to deliver more accessible financial technologies while campaigning for a higher quality of life.

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Review ICO, IEO, Exchange Contact Info: I like writing articles all is my favorite hobbie.thank you.

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Review ICO, IEO, Exchange Contact Info: I like writing articles all is my favorite hobbie.thank you.

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