Filipcoin is a cryptocurrency that is based on Decentralized Ledger Technology.

What is filipcoin ?

FILIPCOIN’s objectives are as follows :

  • Ensure that transactions between apps, merchants, and users are seamless and safe.
  • Allows for the transmission of value between users and merchants.
  • Carry out a virtual money exchange/separation procedure.
  • Collaboration of payment gateways with many sectors.
  • Create and offer mass payment options to fulfill people’s demands.

Philippine Coin Profits :

  • Flexible : Utilization Ease. This application will allow partners from the transportation and other mobile payment application service sectors to integrate payment gateways into the FILIPCOIN blockchain ecosystem; this plug-and-play tool allows anyone with a smartphone to access financial services at a lower cost and will make it easy for its users; thus, the beauty of a decentralized system is exploited by havi.
  • Collaborative : Although FILIPCOIN will be able to serve a significant number of users and target markets that include Developers, Enterprises, Small and Medium Enterprises, and End Users, decentralization improves accessibility of existing technologies.
  • Supporting : Since 2017, the whole FILIPCOIN team and holders have been laying a stronger basis from the public for the long-term support and growth of the FCP ecosystem. The team will be in charge of cryptocurrency assets, coin creation, and the constant upgrading of future goods and services on the FILIPCOIN blockchain. The funds collected by the FILIP organization will be utilized to improve FILIPCOIN’s value through correct integration of the service economy application project.
  • Exclusive : Exclusive technology is already in use in the Philippines’ transportation industry. The FILIPCOIN team is developing a blockchain environment for decentralized apps (DApps) and decentralized exchange (DEX) in the payment services market. Unlike other cryptocurrency initiatives, FILIPCOIN holders now have instant access to a fully designed and operating application for the Transportation Industry, with extra uses and benefits.
  • Prospective : Bitcoin, the first cryptocurrency, is still the most well-known blockchain application. However, this technology has advanced swiftly and in a variety of different industries. The initial goal of Bitcoin was to make money and payments decentralized and available to everyone. Although Bitcoin fails to deliver on this promise, decentralized finance based on blockchain (“DeFi”), also known as open finance, is a promising new technology. DeFi is powered by DApps, which are decentralized, permissionless (no central authority) apps built on top of a blockchain network, most often Ethereum. Visionaries envision this as an open source alternative to any current financial service. Consider savings, loans, and commerce, as well as insurance and other services, which are all available internationally.
  • Safe & Secure : FILIPCOIN is devoted to offer a secure and suitable platform to the open source community as part of blockchain technology. Through technological and conceptual innovation, our professional development team will harness on-chain and off-chain data integration.

What are FCP tokens?

TOTAL SUPPLY 168,000,000.00

Token Sale :

  • 01 March 2021
  • ETH, BTC
  • 88,068,000
  • 1 FCP = 0.0004063 ETH, 1 FCP = 0.00002803 BTC


In conclusion :

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