Feed The World Global Foundation is a non-profit organization that assists others using technology.

Right now, there are a lot of hungry individuals in the world. According to WHO estimates, there are presently more than 820 million people worldwide who are hungry, with the majority of them living in impoverished and developing nations in Africa and Asia. However, this data is unclear, particularly during a pandemic like today, when most people’s financial situation is precarious; it is plausible that there are more hungry people in the globe today.

We should assist people in need, particularly those in need of food, which is a basic human necessity. Recognizing this, Feed The World Global Foundation is moved to be able to offer for those in need. From food banks to financial support for medical expenditures, Feed The World Global Foundation will help nourish the collective’s body, spirit, and mind.

Technology and Charity :

When acquiring Feed The World Global Foundation’s native tokens, holders will have the chance to obtain weekly incentives that will be awarded to holders in a fair and transparent manner by Feed The World Global Foundation. This solution will incentivize users to purchase and keep FTWG tokens.

Features of the Feed the World Global Foundation :

  • Teachers and Instructors: In order to prepare individuals to thrive, the Feed the World Global Foundation intends to work with teachers and instructors to establish community-benefiting initiatives.
  • Scholarships: The Feed the World Global Foundation intends to give scholarships to those who are interested in courses and seminars on psychology, mindfulness, nonviolent communication, and routes for children and vulnerable groups.
  • Token: A native token introduced to fund the World Global Foundation’s Feed operations. This coin has a reward system as well as a buy-back mechanism.

Tokenomics :

Roadmap :

Team :

To conclude :

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TELEGRAM GROUP:https://t.me/FeedTheWorldGlobalToken





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