Eastcoin Payments are Fast, Efficient, and Effective.

Many individuals still pay with cash when they travel. Even though currency is wasteful and has numerous restrictions, people continue to use it for a variety of reasons. Payments may be done more swiftly and efficiently by using digital payments. Consumers may simply and securely make purchases with various shops or motels using their devices, eliminating the need for users to carry cash everywhere.

As a result of this, Eastcoin is driven to become a specialized currency for the worldwide aviation and travel-related industries, allowing users to make payments more swiftly, efficiently, and effectively. P2P transfers, saved digital tokens, loyalty programs, simplified commercial transactions, and blockchain-based payment infrastructure are some of the features offered by Eastcoin that will improve user payment efficiency.

The Currency That Takes to the Flight :

Consider this: if you are traveling and want to buy anything, you will need money to do so. However, if you remove money from your wallet and a wicked person steals your wallet and flees, you will scream and follow the culprit. This is only one of the numerous drawbacks of utilizing cash. We can overcome this difficulty by using digital payments; consumers simply need to scan, and their payments may be processed fast. Eastcoin, a specialized currency for the worldwide aviation and travel-related sectors, provides this option. It is, however, not just any digital money; it is an Ethereum ERC-20-based cryptocurrency that is safe, transparent, quick, and backed by stablecoins.

Eastcoin works by establishing a specialized currency that will allow for the quick, efficient, and effective payment of products and services across a variety of industries, including aviation, tourism, technology, and hospitality. Allows consumers to make smarter payments without worrying.

Eastcoin Features :

Eastcoin is a specialized currency designed to be a quick, effective, and efficient payment method in the aviation and travel-related sectors. Users may use Eastcoin to make payments more quickly and securely using an app on their smartphone called East Pay. This software has features that will ease user payments and connect them to the crypto world. But that’s not all; Eastcoin has numerous additional features as well :

  • P2P Transfers: Eastcoin makes it simple for users to conduct safe transactions through a peer-to-peer network.
  • Eastcoin makes it simple for users to keep digital tokens in their accounts.
  • Tokenized Loyalty Program: Eastcoin offers a devotion program in which users will get tokens in exchange for their loyalty to Eastcoin.
  • Simplify Business Transactions: Eastcoin makes it simple for companies to streamline their business transactions, making them more efficient and organized.
  • Unbanked and Underbanked Solutions: Eastcoin makes it simple for customers who are covered by the bank’s network as well as those who are not to obtain a dependable payment platform.
  • Cross-border payment: Because it is built on the Ethereum ERC-20 token, Eastcoin provides a solution for cross-border payments.
  • Instant payments and cheaper fees: Eastcoin enables users to make payments quickly and with lower fees.
  • Web-based payments: Eastcoin created this payment mechanism to be web-based so that users may access it from any browser.
  • Eastcoin’s infrastructure is entirely supported by blockchain technology, which is both secure and transparent.

EAST Token :

EAST is an abbreviation for the Eastcoin token, which will function as a utility and governance token. EAST is an Ethereum ERC-20 token with a total quantity of 750,000,000,000 EAST. EAST tokens are mostly used as utility tokens, with users able to use them for a variety of reasons such as transfers or payments in a variety of industries. However, in the future, the EAST token might be utilized as a governance token, to reward users, and to fund the Eastcoin platform’s operations and growth.

Roadmap for Eastcoin :

Eastcoin’s team began this project with platform research and development, then moved on to the introduction of the site and the creation of the EAST ecosystem. After all goes as planned, Eastcoin will launch a private sale to sell a part of the token supply, followed by an exchange listing.

After that, Eastcoin will continue with international aviation conferences, build an app for East Pay and East Coin, meet with government, authorities, and stakeholder consensus to debate legality, and then negotiate investment ideas with other parties.

Eastcoin Team :

To conclude :

Digital payments are viewed as a viable alternative to traditional payments, which are inefficient and plagued by several issues. Users can make payments more efficiently and swiftly with digital payments. And Eastcoin is here to serve as a currency dedicated to the worldwide aviation and travel-related economic sector, where users may utilize Eastcoin for faster, more efficient, and effective payments. Eastcoin provides customers with quicker and safer payments via an application that they may install on their smartphone. With this application, users can quickly and legally make payments in a variety of industries like as aviation, travel, hospitality, and new technologies.

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