Earny.TV — Earny.TV is a decentralized streaming network that is broadcasting the future of Web3.

4 min readOct 5, 2022

Today I’m going to talk about EarnTV. Earny. TV is a first-of-its-kind, blockchain-powered streaming platform designed to assist content creators, publicists, the Earny people group, and its customers. We had the option of accomplishing this by utilizing a high level arrangement of brilliant agreements based on the Binance Smart Chain, with an extraordinary watch and procure rewards component, one-of-a-kind utility NFTs, free participation framework by basically Hodling $EARNY, profits to holders from stage benefits, administration casting a ballot framework (DAO), and significantly more that went into Earny.plan. TV’s

We created a decentralized, edit-free stage that is fair and beneficial to everyone, including the viewers. With our experienced team in filmmaking, blockchain development, advertising, and content production, we know exactly what it takes to become the Netflix of Web3.

Because of the free participation plan that allows us to present promotions to customers, the Pixel NFT assortment owns half of all promotion places. There are 1000 NFTs, and each NFT owner will transfer decentralized (IPFS) promotion content that will be displayed in pivot with a variety of different Pixels. This innovative system pays promoters, Pixel NFT owners (in our area), and viewers. In addition to obtaining free access to Earny.TV, customers get reimbursed for viewing movies and series, rating, sharing, and referring other clients to Earny. Making this design a win-win situation for everyone.

How does Earny.TV work ?

We simplified the process of watching and acquiring.

  • Token $EARNY
    HODL 100+ $EARNY will be used to get enrollment access and token revenues. HODL 1K+ for excellent involvement in the absence of any promotions!
  • Watch and Buy On Earny.tv, you not only watch, but you also buy! Watch, rate, and sell your favorite movies to earn $EARNY tokens.
  • Pixel NFTs — Do you require a piece that represents what is to come? Mint a Pixel NFT and start displaying promotions on Earny.TV or leasing it to others.

Content, Copyright & Licensing :

We’ve partnered with the best licensing and copyright networks in the market to deliver our clients vital content that is both intriguing and important. We’re focusing on bringing a diverse range of content to the stage by leveraging umbrella permission plans. Earny, aside from the expected content. TV intends to become the first crypto-specialty organization to promote and create blockchain-related films and programming. From stories to dreams, everything is my speciality.

Streaming The Future :

It is obvious that how people consume material changes on a regular basis. We saw how consumers gradually abandoned traditional TV for VOD services in favor of web2 internet-based streaming alternatives. It wasn’t long until services like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, Disney+, and others became the go-to location for customers to view movies and television series.

Earny is the future of streaming. TV. We understand what people want, which is entertainment, convenience, and, most importantly, to be rewarded. Netflix made over $30 billion in 2021, but the platform’s users received nothing in exchange. Earny.TV solves this issue.

EARNY Token :

EarnyTV’s local utility currency is the $EARNY token. It was created to aid in the fuelling of the stage and its unique component in a fully decentralized manner. $EARNY is currently available on BSC, as well as through cross-chain connections on ETH and MATIC (wrapped $EARNY). There are several benefits to owning $EARNY, including :

- Voting power of the administration (DAO)

- Obtain a portion of the stage’s promotion money

- Gain access to unique NFTs such as Pixel NFTs and 0x3D NFTs.

- Access to participation for essentially holding $EARNY

- Showcase your work as a filmmaker

- and more!

Road Map :

Membership :

Clients can have three types of records/enrollments with EarnyTV. Because EarnyTV is totally decentralized and blockchain-based, customers must own $EARNY in order to enroll. We would prefer not be like any other existing real-time features, so we created EarnyTV completely free for everyone, and the only need for Essential and Premium is to hold $EARNY nevertheless, the tokens typically stay yours, you don’t spend them, and you can swap them whenever you want. Three Membership Levels.

  • Free Participation: There is no holding requirement, and you may see restricted material trailers.
  • Basic Enrollment: Hold 100+ $EARNY and gain restricted access to ads.
  • Premium Enrollment: Hold 1000+ $EARNY and gain unlimited access to content without adverts.

More Info :

Website : https://earny.tv/

Whitepaper : https://docs.earny.tv/use-cases/decentralized-streaming

Medium : https://medium.com/@earnytv/

Twitter : https://twitter.com/EarnyTV

Telegram : https://t.me/EarnyTV


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