E-LEVEN (ELV) incorporates what we will now refer to as the Crypto Stock Market.

What is E-leven ?

Goal of E-Leven :

Why E-leven ?

  • E-LEVEN proposes a solution based on Financial Engineering, creating a hybrid system dubbed Crypto-Stock, in which the community will be able to obtain benefits through Staking programs.
  • E-LEVEN was able to persuade conventional financial institutions to contribute expanding money in order to keep the E-LEVEN Token (ELV) in continual growth and positioning, implying that E-LEVEN value in the Cryptographic market would be exponential and organic.
  • E-LEVEN interacts through various developments such as CEX and DEX exchanges, providing confidence to users who want to make transfers in a centralized and decentralized manner, uniting in a single Ecosystem all the developments and alternatives that exist in the Cryptographic market and the Stock Exchange market, and putting them at your fingertips.

What is E-leven token ?

Tokonomics :

  • Token Name: E-LEVEN
  • Token Symbol: (ELV)
  • Symbolic decimal: 18
  • Total Supply: 11.000.000 ELV
  • Price per token in Pre-Sale: 1 USD
  • Contract: 0x20a2ee8d26aa6a7ce4890c2a44b788c4283356eb

Token Distribution :

What is E-Bank(Broker)?

Advanhtabges E-leven Bank :

  • E-leven Bank LLC strives to provide the best conditions for our Retail traders to operate in the financial markets, including cutting-edge technology that will enable the entire community of E-leven Traders to make the best decisions when entering the markets, such as Plugin for News, Fundamental Analysis, and others.
  • We will offer the greatest Social Trading service in the industry at E-leven Bank, where each user will be able to pick different forms of trading and the most advantageous operations for each investment made by them based on their degree of risk.
  • We will develop a training system through webinars with traders of wide trajectory and recognition under a platform for interactive Users that will allow them to track their earnings in real-time, in accordance with the concept of all for one and one for all.
  • E-leven Bank provides you with the chance to become a customized Brokerage service provider in an effective manner, with the assistance of genuine industry specialists.

E-Leven Wallet :

Token Sale :

Roadmap :

Team :

More Info :




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