A decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) is an entity that does not have a leader. Communities established around them make and regulate decisions. dAO is an internet-native organization that is owned and controlled by its members collectively. They have a built-in treasury that can only be accessed with their members’ permission.


Dvest Labs is a community-run decentralized autonomous organization (DAO). All choices are made by voice, and all operations and decision making are totally transparent, open to the public blockchain, and decentralized.

Dvest Labs DAO owns up to 49% of DAO through its inventions, collaborative partnerships, and subsidiary initiatives in the dVest Ecosystem.


The community and its developers run the show. All choices are made by a public voice, and all operations and decision making are totally transparent, blockchain verifiable, and decentralized.

The following dVest Labs initiatives comprise the dVest Ecosystem:

Is a Decentralized Exchange Based on Automated Market Makers (AMM) a Good Idea? (DEX). dDEXX provides customers with easy and fast exchange functionality, profitable liquidity pools, and high APR yield fields where they may earn dDEXX tokens, fees on exchange transactions, and more. dVest.io (CEX dVest) is dVest’s centralized cryptocurrency exchange (CEX). All major cryptocurrencies, including BTC, ETH, DVEST, CPI, LTC, UNI, DOGE, ADA, XRP, DOT, BCH, LINK, XLM, TRX, XMR, XTZ, and many more, are available for trading on dVest CEX.

First and foremost, the CPIx tokens are innovative in their approach to notifying token holders that there is a diverse variety of assets available in the cryptocurrency market. The CPI flagship token (CPI) is the governance token, and it represents interest in the health of the CPIx token ecosystem. CPIx tokens are backed by component assets, which are stored via escrow smart contracts, and each CPix token holds an underlying asset that can be exchanged at any time without the involvement of a third party.

Is a non-custodial decentralized financial liquidity protocol that allows for the borrowing and lending of token assets as well as the earning of interest on deposits.

Is a protocol for decentralized insurance. dSurance provides near-instant liquidity for insurance buyers and risk underwriters, assures consistent coverage, and promotes transparency by tokenizing coverage to allow for flexibility.

Is a sign of governance. The dDAO holder determines the organization’s direction and emphasizes that money may only be used by majority vote. The gains created by dDAO ownership and investment are shared by dDAO holders.

Is the governance token for the dVest Labs Venture Fund. All dLABS token purchases go straight to the dVest Labs venture fund, where dLABS holders determine which enterprises to authorize, and money may only be utilized by majority vote. All money, distribution, investment, assets, ownership, and decision making are 100 percent decentralized, public, and blockchain verifiable. dLABS holders share profits earned by dLABS investments.

DDEXX tokens are incentive tokens designed to be distributed to those who have contributed liquidity and utilised the dDEXX pool.

Is a governance token that may be used to reflect the overall health of the CPIX token ecosystem.

Is backed by component assets that are held in escrow via an escrow smart contract. Component assets must be placed into the balancing pool before CPix tokens can be printed. Users can redeem tokens by re-depositing the CPIx Token, which will then balance itself.

Is the dVest CEX and associated projects’ governance token.


This policy explains how dVest collects, uses, distributes, and safeguards user information collected via the dVest website. The terms “we,” “our,” and “us” relate to dVest and its sales. When we ask for personal information from users, it is because we are obligated by law to collect it or it is necessary for a specific reason. Any unneeded information you submit to us is freely provided. You decide whether or not to supply us with this unneeded information; if you do not, you may be unable to access or use all of our Services.

You agree to the data practices stated in this Privacy Policy by using the Site. dVest may modify this Security Policy from time to time to reflect changes in the legislation or our personal data collecting and usage policies. If there are any significant modifications to our Privacy Policy, they will be posted on the site. Before using your information for any purpose not covered by this Privacy Policy, we will get your permission.

As we work in line with its privacy laws throughout the European Economic Area, we have integrated aspects of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) into our most recent privacy policy (EEA).

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