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What exactly is Ducatus ?

Ducatus is a sophisticated Blockchain Technology-Built Financial Ecosystem based on a decentralized protocol. This Ecosystem is designed to provide a unique form of a Decentralized digital Economy system that is implemented with various innovative new features. The Ducatus financial Ecosystem implements a Traditional financial system that is integrated with Blockchain Technology. Ducatus offers a dependable alternative to traditional financial systems by offering a new, more sophisticated, innovative, and transparent Decentralized Finance Protocol that leverages Blockchain-based Cryptocurrencies, ensuring global forms of payment on various services or merchants that can be accessed by anyone online. immediate, inexpensive, and quick.

The Ducatus Ecosystem team created a complex ecosystem built on a one-of-a-kind Framework with a more flexible and multi-functional Integration Protocol, ensuring more usefulness with quick and efficient access. They created a one-of-a-kind financial environment that can be utilized to purchase products or services on a regular basis using a hybrid system that combines Crypto and Fiat in a complex ecosystem. The Merkea system acts as a gateway for Cryptocurrencies to be accessible internationally and utilized for everyday purposes such as paying bills, purchasing items from merchants, renting, and so on. They integrate advanced Exchange that allows Fiat and Crypto transactions in real time with Competitive Rates and Low Fees, as well as a unique strong banking system integration that ensures extensive Utilities with Currency based payment systems based on Litecoin Forked Coin with new PoA Consensus, it can be easily integrated with various processes efficient financial payments for daily needs.

What exactly is the Ducatus Native Currency?

The Ducatus Ecosystem will create two distinct native currencies, the first of which is DUC, which serves as a utility token in the Ducatus ecosystem, and the second of which is DUCX, which serves as the main utility token in the ecosystem but with a broader use case. Both tokens are designed to meet various needs in the ecosystem. DUCX is a token forked from the Ethereum Blockchain with better improvisation where costs are lower and time is short, as well as the use of Smart-Contracts to allow integration with different complicated processes to be carried out automatically. This technology will be known as DRC-20 and can be easily integrated into various systems in the future.

Market Growth :

Cryptocurrency is a new type of digital payment that uses Blockchain Technology to establish a complex system that allows financial transactions to be accessible by anybody immediately and simply without the need for a bank. With new innovations constantly emerging on the market, the market size is currently more than $1.5 trillion and will most likely continue to grow to $2 trillion or more in the coming years. The Crypto Market itself is becoming one of the most reliable Global markets out there with stable growth over time, even with the COVID-19 Pandemic occurring some time ago until now. Global Traditional Markets, particularly the Financial Sector, are beginning to recognize the long-term potential of Blockchain Technology, and one of the pioneers is Ducatus, a new advanced financial ecosystem that enables traditional digital financial transactions to be implemented with Blockchain Technology, bridging the two sectors and providing everyone with access to Global Decentralized Financial Systems.

Roadmap :

Team :

Conclusion :

Ducatus is a new invention that provides a new Decentralized Financial Ecosystem that connects the Traditional financial system with Crypto. Their team gives answers to many common problems that present in today’s traditional systems by utilizing sophisticated Blockchain technology. In addition to the integration of various unique features as well as the development of a robust and broad Multi-Function financial system, their team also designed a new reliable digital currency with the potential of a long term Store-Of-Value alternative, their ecosystem is attempting to create a new financial system that bridges crypto for use in everyday life, and thus the potential is enormous. I strongly advise you to participate in this possibly fantastic initiative.

More Info :

WEB: https://www.ducatuscoins.com/
TELEGRAM: https://t.me/ducatuschannel
TWITTER: https://twitter.com/DucatusGlobal
FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/WeAreDucatus/

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