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5 min readOct 30, 2022

Bitcoin and Ether are well-known cryptocurrencies, but there are many more, and new ones are constantly being developed. People utilize cryptocurrencies for a variety of reasons, including rapid payments, avoiding transaction costs charged by traditional banks, and providing some privacy. However, like with any financial instrument, especially one that is extremely volatile and has piqued the public’s curiosity, there are chances for unscrupulous actors to defraud investors. Cryptocurrency fraud has emerged as a popular topic of conversation for government enforcement attorneys, with multiple notable conference panels and agency advisories addressing its varied forms, the hype vs the reality, the numerous ways it may assist fraud, and measures to curb its misuse.

Scam tokens delivered to users’ addresses at random by fraudsters are becoming more regular as crypto scams and fraud become more popular, despite the range of security measures implemented by users. Users lose money when they interact with the contracts. That is why DollarBack exists.

What is Dollarback?

The Crypto Dollarback project is a novel solution that employs blockchain technology to develop a smart solution for consumers who have lost money as a result of scams. Their technique is a novel approach to recovering lost earnings from the cryptocurrency market. Joining the dollarback community and purchasing this token will help everyone recover stolen coins while also making a profit. They anticipate a long-term, constantly increasing rate of success due to the large number of people who have fallen victim to a scam or swindle. They may grow the number of tokens in their wallet and profit while recovering from their loss by giving to the crypto community for a brighter future.

Dollarback method is a novel concept in which anyone who has lost money to a fraudster may reclaim it through our giveaway program. To qualify for their giveaway program, you just need to acquire and stake their tokens on the platform first, and then you need to prove the amount of total your lost investment. Following the verification procedure by their team, you will be enrolled in the program, and rewards are frequently paid equitably among their token holders, allowing everyone to earn a profit by running a long-term reward to recover their loss and make some nice profit. They are also implementing a new NFT architecture with tiers.

Goal of DollarBack :

The idea is to build an engaged community that grows organically by attracting new members through popular social media channels. The community is the most crucial component since we can only move the project forward collectively. Every single member of the community can contribute to the project and so fill the pot for gifts.

How does it Work ?

  • Givaway Eligibility- Anyone who has lost money to a fraudster can recoup their investment through a giveaway. To be eligible for prizes, you must first purchase and stake $BACK tokens.
  • Verification — Verification must be supplied using the website’s giveaway form as well as by sending the scam token to a wallet created expressly for your scam.
  • Authenticity — The team will verify the accuracy of your information before admitting you to the contest.
  • Tier System — A tier system with staking will be put up to maintain a high volume and earn enough cash for the giveaway.
  • Only those who truly lost money as a result of a fraud are eligible to win it back.
  • Rewards are issued on a regular basis to holders, allowing you to increase the quantity of tokens in your wallet and profit.

$BACK Token & Tokenomics :

The DollarBack ecosystem is supported by $BACK. BACK is a Binance Smart Chain token that has been successfully audited by CyberScope. Purchasing a $BACK token is the entrance point into the DollarBack ecosystem, making you eligible for giveaways to recoup your lost dollars in scams.

Roadmap :

Team :

Partner :

Conclusion :

Dollarback is a fresh, original, and one-of-a-kind enterprise that uses blockchain technology to provide a smart solution for fraud victims. Everyone may contribute to the community by assisting one another in recovering and profiting at the same time. The Dollarback team is launching a new mechanism with a long-term growth roadmap in order to improve the future of the crypto community. This is one of the most intriguing and unusual projects that I encourage you guys join!

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