Digital Arms is an NFT Trading Platform for Gun, Gaming, and Hunting Fans.

Platform for NFT :

Digital Arms Features :

  • Global NFT Licensing Rights : Digital Arms wants to sell NFT tokens based on their goods solely through collaboration with the global hunting and weapon industries. This weapon can later be made available to worldwide users in the form of NFT tokens.
  • NFT Gaming Integration : NFT Gaming Integration allows Digital Arms to integrate with gaming platforms in order to build guns on their platform. Later, each NFT will have a unique identification that will allow other pieces of software to communicate with it.
  • Merchants : a merchant solution that allows merchants all over the world to open their own stores inside Digital Arms and exhibit their goods and services. These vendors will later be able to accept $HNTR tokens in exchange for their goods and services.

Tokenomics :

Roadmap :

To conclude :

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