DeHero is an ecosystem that combines NFT, DeFi, and gaming.

The Blockchain Market is becoming one of the sectors with the most new inventions, and recently in the Blockchain Market there is a unique innovation called Non-Fungible-Token (NFT). This concept has really been around for a long time, but only in the last few years has it gained popularity. NFT is a type of Token that cannot be exchanged but can be sent to others on a peer-to-peer basis, similar to Rare Items, except that NFT is a piece of unique digital content integrated into the Blockchain public network. Every digital content will be stored in a distributed digital database and will support the implementation of Major Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin , Ethereum or Binance Coin (BNB) and into the ecosystem. Currently, the digital content market is very risky, and unlike transparent NFT, where this system introduces a new ecosystem that is resistant to manipulation and can be exchanged anywhere in the world in one distributed sophisticated ecosystem, this means that it cannot be replaced or exchanged for other assets and assets, and each content will only exist once in the entire ecosystem. The Non-Fungible-Token Idea Disrupting the unique side of the content market introduces a new, more unique system as a foundation by introducing a digital certification that ensures authenticity to prove it to the public via a distributed network so that it cannot be manipulated by anyone and the NFT Ecosystem is changing the way the market exchanges assets in the form of Tweets, GIFs, Skins, Rare Items, Games, and many others. DeHero is a one-of-a-kind revolutionary NFT ecosystem that combines Integrated Gaming and Finance with Blockchain Technology.

What exactly is DeHero?

DeHero is a Blockchain-based Ecosystem that presents a novel game idea that allows anybody to play while also earning passive money via the Staking function. DeHero has a Community-Driven Gaming system that allows everyone to collect their NFT and exchange it on their marketplace. DeHero also has a Governance system for its users that creates a more transparent system through a distributed Public Blockchain network. Another feature is DAO Community co-governance, which allows it to develop and be widely adopted more quickly. Users may gather Heroes and Cards in the ecosystem and mix and organize their own line up to build the greatest Strategy, Users can refine, upgrade, or swap them on the Marketplace, DeHero Ecosystem provides new gaming trends that have never been in the traditional industry before, as well as chances for Blockchain technology to be widely used.

The DeHero team created an Ecosystem with a sophisticated Framework Structure using Blockchain Technology. They implemented a powerful unique Algorithm with mathematical calculations in every transaction process, ensuring a fair gaming system for everyone and the possibility of earning passive income. Each user may gather a range of unique NFT assets in the DeHero ecosystem by mining by purchasing Card Packs beforehand. Users can also stake each NFT asset they hold. This functionality can be accessible through their platform’s in-game shop, making it easier for users. The DeHero Ecosystem offers comprehensive original gameplay with a fresh style that anybody may improve, combine, or sell on the market. Their team also created Mechanics that allow users to perform things like open Card Packs in Bulk or remove cards from available spaces more easily. Unlike other restrictive Blockchain-Gaming, DeHero created Blockchain-based Games that are simple to use and enjoyable!

Robust Platform :

The DeHero GameFi platform has been carefully designed by integrating various important aspects. They ensure the safety of their users by carrying out Internal & External Audit processes, as well as ensuring an easy & inexpensive transaction process through the System distributed on the Binance Smart Chain. Their platform also blends many fascinating elements in one ecosystem and assures the pleasure of its users, resulting in the creation of a new gaming trend that allows its Users may both play and earn money at the same time.

What is Heroes?

Heroes is a native currency that will be used in the DeHero ecosystem, and it is a new type of currency that is tokenized using Blockchain Technology. This token is distributed via the Binacne Smart Chain Public Network (BEP-20), which allows for automatic and transparent transaction processing via the Smart-Contract Feature. Users may use this token for a variety of purposes, such as purchasing card packs or staking and farming for passive income via the Liquidity Pool. The DeHero Team created a token with a diverse Use-Case to guarantee the value rises in tandem with rising demand. Their Smart Contract has also been subjected to internal and external audits, ensuring transparency and security for its users.

Growth of the Crypto Market :

The usage of digital payments has increased in recent years, and one of the key elements pushing this is the COVID-19 Pandemic, which gives potential for Cryptocurrencies to become an alternative payment and investment option using the Cashless method. This results in a new system that is more effective and, without a doubt, more efficient. Blockchain technology ushers in a new, powerful system and ushers in new trends, particularly those that are currently gaining traction, such as DeFi and NFT. Despite the fact that COVID-19 has given the crypto market a boost, in recent years Crypto has begun to be recognized as one of the new financial alternatives that is recognized by the world as one of the best payment and investment alternatives, with various large companies or governments that have begun to integrate Blockchain Technology and it It is not impossible for the NFT concept to be implemented internationally, particularly in the gaming market. DeHero is a pioneer who offers a unique new Blockchain game idea, and the industry will continue to grow in the future, putting DeHero in the limelight, The whole crypto market is already worth more than $1 trillion and will continue to rise in the future as it is incorporated into other systems.

Conclusion :

Blockchain technology evolves year after year and is recognized as one of the century’s most revolutionary technological innovations. One of the innovations is that the new NFT Market in the cryptocurrency market will continue to grow over time as more people become aware of how powerful the NFT Concept is. In recent months, we have seen the development of the market DeFi & NFT are constantly growing. The current bullish market has also offered an opportunity for the NFT idea to acquire traction in the global market. DeHero’s Gaming idea, on the other hand, offers an environment that blends new NFT & Gaming that is more distinctive and original. Designed by one of the most well-known companies in the Blockchain industry, Mixmarvel, it is a one-of-a-kind ecosystem that is setting new trends in the worldwide market. I strongly urge you to participate in this fantastic project!

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