DeGeThal is a cryptocurrency, e-wallet, smart banking platform, and trading platform.

Cryptocurrency transactions are nothing new today. Many individuals are now moving to utilizing cryptocurrencies for transactions or as investment instruments as a result of the enormous campaign and broad acceptance of cryptocurrencies. Binance, KuCoin, Coinbase, and other popular cryptocurrency trading platforms exist today. Users may utilize this platform to perform a variety of activities, including crypto trading, crypto wallets, and financial services that let users to borrow and lend money at interest.

With the increasing usage of cryptocurrencies in today’s society, several platforms are vying to present the finest platform, one of which is DeGeThal, a platform that offers crypto, e-wallets, smart banking, and trading to worldwide consumers. Users of DeGeThal may quickly and safely access different crypto functions using the supplied application. DeGeThal, which is built on cutting-edge blockchain technology, will ease all user transactions in the ecosystem.

Decentralized Thaler :

DeGeThal is built on an architecture unlike any other, which can manage all user transactions in the ecosystem and assures that user assets are entirely safe and do not enable any involvement from other parties, including DeGeThal itself.

DeGeThal Features :

  • CEX : A centralized exchange platform with a liquidity pool that will allow users to instantly trade their crypto from within their wallet.
  • NFT Marketplace : Using the supplied marketplace, users may exchange NFT assets. This provides users with an extra way to make money.
  • Staking : Users can engage in the staking program to generate passive revenue. Later users will be rewarded with 3% of transaction costs.
  • Voting System : A voting system that allows users to engage in platform decision-making.
  • Payment Gateway: Users, particularly sellers of goods and services, can connect their services to their wallets via payment gateways in order to take cryptocurrencies.
  • Smart Contracts: With the aid of smart contracts, developers may install any application.
  • Own Blockchain: Users may simply install their own blockchain atop the DeGeThal blockchain. This enables quick, low-cost, and secure payments.

Tokenomics :

DeGeThal Roadmap :





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