Cylum.Finance — A DeFi 3.0-based Sustainable Auto-Staking, Compounding, and Burning Protocol.

What Is Cylum.Finance ?

Features Of Cylum Finance :

  • Cylum Cylinder — The Cylum Cylinder acts as a wallet in the form of a cold storage, storing a specific quantity of BNB. This cylinder acts as the hub, preventing price declines caused by holders selling pressure in an attempt to keep the token’s price stable. First and foremost, Cylum Cylinder significantly safeguards investors’ assets in the event of a flash crash through price stability; secondly, it provides a better assurance of long-term sustainability and potential development to the Cylum protocol.
  • The Staking — Auto Given that auto-staking is a simple yet technical procedure that serves as a basis of this platform with a scope of BUY — HOLD — EARN, this feature has generated a clear simplicity of use for $CYM holders. There is no doubt that the buy — hold — earn function works in such a way that by purchasing this asset and storing the $CYM tokens in your wallet, the holder will undoubtedly earn a form of steady rewards directly to their wallets, and this rewards will be added every minute, increasing the value of the $CYM token. It is critical to note that Cylum triggers the payment of token distribution of the total amount of $CYM tokens in your wallet every minute using the compound interest calculation.
  • Auto — Compounding — The auto — compounding function works in conjunction with auto staking, which means that Cylum token holders will earn an annual compound interest of 395667 percent in the first staking year without withdrawing their tokens from their wallet, with the compound interest rate decreasing after the first 12 months.
  • Auto Burn Mechanism — This effect highlights a deduction / reduction out of the total tokens in circulation and is simply referred to as a deflationary effect, Cylum protocol run as a revolutionary algorithms which will undoubtedly burn a total of 2% at the launch and this percentage burn is just the start of the entire auto burning process. This auto burning process just decreases the circulation supply while raising your holdings; nevertheless, this hyper burn program was originally launched on the framework to generate token scarcity, hence enhancing the token’s value.

The Competitive Advantage of Cylum Finance Over Rivals :

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