First and only open ranking of crypto projects, companies, and people based on input and ratings from actual crypto users and customers.

Each candidate competes for the title of Best of the Best in a series of rankings.
The ratings will assist in selecting the most trustworthy ventures and businesses to invest in.


  • To be eligible for a prize, you must first register.
    Projects, businesses, exchanges, and individuals are all examples. It will take you no longer than 5 minutes to complete your profile details.
  • Join the list of candidates.
    Nominees are allowed to submit an infinite number of nominations.
  • Increase your point total.
    Accept and respond to user comments, and encourage more people to participate in voting.
  • Obtain victory
    To be a winner and win trophies, you must earn the most points.

The rankings are based on site visitors’ input from personal interactions with participating businesses.


  • visitors — when it comes to choosing exchanges, businesses, goods, and services.
  • clients — in resolving issues including contacts with exchanges and businesses.
  • Exchanges and businesses are changing for the better.


  • It’s all yours. We would be respectful of our customers and clients.
  • Justice must be done. Both consumers and partners are subject to the same rating criteria.
  • Transparency is essential. The wiki makes all of the feedback and equation calculations accessible to the public.
  • Collaboration is a good thing. We will assist both consumers and collaborators in collaborating to solve problems.
  • It’s true. We respect our customers’ and partners’ interest in us with sensitive details.

Information about the People’s Choice Rating for exchanges and crypto firms.
The visitors’ opinions reported in the “Crypto Awards” are arbitrary and only represent the author’s view. The quality of the details stated in the reviews, as well as the writing style, emotional tone, and evaluations rendered by the review writers, are not guaranteed by Crypto Awards. Please contact the website administrator via email details to publish official responses of exchanges or crypto companies to feedback and to make official responses by members of exchanges or crypto companies. visit :

The emotional experience of the contact with the exchange or the firm, as well as the level of service compliance / non-compliance with the specified conditions, decide the level of service in this situation (the content of the product and service conditions stated in the service level is not considered). Bear in mind that feedback lose their usefulness as time passes. The conventional counting of the arithmetic value of all credited visitor ballots, the cumulative amount of votes credited for exchanges / companies, and the number of faked feedback for exchanges / companies forms the basis for determining the People’s Ratings.

  • Calculating the arithmetic mean of the measured points is the basis for the calculation.
  • The following assessment formula is used to determine the total number of votes counted for a certain exchange or organization.

One of the largest and most significant gatherings in the crypto industry will be the Blockchain Forum. This conference brings together not just industry experts and thought leaders, but also newcomers to Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, Cryptoexchanges, Decentralized Finance (DeFi), Mining, Payment Systems, and Investments. Cyprus was selected as the festival’s meeting location, which makes it much more ideal not only in terms of transport but also because the country is recognized as Europe’s new financial IT centre, attracting interest. Experts and developers from around the world will gather under one roof to address the most pressing issues in the crypto world and help propel the industry forward.

The blockchain Fest is not just a global gathering, but also a one-of-a-kind venue for personal and professional growth, where each guest would have the chance to attend the largest event in the world, complete with display stands, networking areas, meeting rooms, and seminars, as well as meet instructors and innovators in the fields of blockchain and artificial intelligence.

With a straightforward voting mechanism, the first honest ranking of crypto projects, companies, and people has been created. Based on actual crypto users’ and customers’ comments and ratings
CRYPTO AWARDS a competition in which each contestant vies for the title of Best of the Best. The ratings will aid in the selection of the most trustworthy ventures and businesses for a secure investment.

For more information about CRYPTO AWARDS :







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Review ICO, IEO, Exchange Contact Info: I like writing articles all is my favorite hobbie.thank you.

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Review ICO, IEO, Exchange Contact Info: I like writing articles all is my favorite hobbie.thank you.

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