Coinchum is a P2P cryptocurrency exchange designed specifically for the world’s unbanked.

Unbanked People’s P2P Crypto Exchange :

Coinchum Features :

Coinchum is a peer-to-peer marketplace founded by experienced traders that enables unbanked persons to have access to modern and inclusive financial services for a range of needs. Coinchum provides newbies with the resources they need to get a strong handle on the crypto business. Coinchum may provide them with training materials on how to use sophisticated market strategies for monitoring and evaluating market changes. But that’s not all; Coinchum has a slew of other features as well:

  • Minimal Costs : Many binary trading pairs, such as BTC/USD, have low trading fees.
  • Excellent Customer Service : People will be able to reply to their various issues and opinions if they receive excellent customer service.
  • Wallet Security: Because security is paramount, the team created a high-security wallet to guarantee that the user’s funds are entirely protected.
  • Anti-Scam: To prevent fraudsters out of the site, the team designed Coinchum with an anti-scam mechanism.
  • Tools for Cryptoanalysis: These are tools that will help users correctly analyze the market.
  • Flexible Fee: If a user has Chum tokens, their fees will be lowered. Tiered users, on the other hand, have different badges and rights than normal users.

CHUM Token :

CHUM is a currency developed by CoinChum to aid in the funding of the platform’s operations. CHUM coins will be utilized as utility and governance tokens in the future. On the Binance BEP-20 platform, CHUM coins worth a total of 200,000,000 CHUM were issued. CHUM tokens can be used for a number of reasons, such as payment fees, buyer and seller security deposits, voting rights, and payments in a range of sectors.

Coinchum Roadmap :

The Coinchum team began research and development in the first quarter of 2020, followed by a proof of concept in the second quarter of 2020, allowing investors to see the actual idea of the Coinchum platform. Later in the second quarter of 2021, the Coinchum team began creating the backend design and continued with exchange platform testing. The Coinchum team will next publish a whitepaper with various details required by users and investors, followed by a token sale. Following that, in Q3 2021, the team will launch an Open Token Sale for the broader public, followed by site construction in Q4 2021. The Coinchum team plans to register for LPF in Hong Kong and launch an official P2P exchange in the first quarter of 2022. Furthermore, the CHUM token will be released to the public in Q2 2022, and funds will be injected into SPAC in Hong Kong in Q3 2022.

Team :

Conclution :

There are approximately 1.7 billion people who are unbanked and have no access to financial services. Furthermore, cryptocurrencies do not cover a large number of individuals. People, particularly those who are unbanked, may improve their quality of life by learning about cryptocurrency and its various modern and inclusive crypto finance features. That is why CoinChum operates as a peer-to-peer marketplace where people may access numerous crypto features to meet their unique needs. CoinChum was designed for users, particularly the unbanked, by professional traders. Rookie users may utilize CoinChum’s solutions to acquire instructional resources to learn more about the crypto market and how to use the many tools accessible. CoinChum can encourage more people, particularly the unbanked, to join the crypto market and realize the benefits of bitcoin by taking this approach.

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Telegram username : @pathumbitcoin
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BSC Address : 0x88c058389C0eaB00a3516273245C50Ca5141A34e



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