What exactly is Clock24 ?

Creation of own chain :

Features of Clock24 :

  • Autostaking Protocol (CAP) Clock x24 — Highest Fixed APY — Staking in CAP provides token holders with simplicity, security, and a continuous fixed high yield return of 1,284,615.72 percent APY. It appears in the C24 token.
  • Low Risk — C24 Insurance Fund (CIF) — 2% of all trading costs are saved in the C24 Insurance Fund, which helps preserve and support the staking benefits by ensuring price stability and lowering downside risk.
  • Staking — Simple and Secure — The C24 coin is always kept in your wallet; it is never given to a third party or centralized authority. All you have to do is buy and maintain since you will instantly earn rewards in your own wallet, removing the need for any time-consuming staking procedures.
  • Automatic Payments — Interest Yield — You don’t have to worry about re-staking your tokens. The interest rate is paid immediately and compounded in your wallet, ensuring that you never miss a payment.
  • Highest Fixed APY — C24 pays out 1,284,615.72 percent in the first year, which exceeds anything else in the DeFi space to date.
  • Rapid Interest Payments — The C24 System rewards every C24 Token holder every 10 minutes, or 144 times per day, making it the quickest auto-compounding protocol in cryptocurrency.
  • Auto Token Burn (Burning Pit) — One of the most fascinating aspects of the C24 Protocol is an automated token burn mechanism known as the “Burning Pit,” which prevents circulating supply from becoming uncontrollable. The Burning Pit consumes 2% of all C24 Token market sales in the same unique transaction.

Tokenomics :

Roadmap :

Conclusion :

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