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Decentralized finance, or DeFi as it is often called, has been one of the most influential and successful waves of blockchain-based innovation. DeFi protocols are continually evolving and iterating upon established models of financial-based agreements, fueled by their inherent benefits of permissionless composability and open-source development culture. The DeFi ecosystem is evolving at breakneck speed; in recent months, a surge of liquidity-focused DeFi initiatives has spawned a new wave of DeFi innovation.

In a nutshell, DeFi is vast and growing by the day. Its growth in recent years has been accompanied by the introduction of new technology and better methods of handling finances: new methods of funding projects, borrowing, lending, betting, and investing; the possibilities are limitless. However, the fast rise of DeFi has brought to light several inherent issues in the sector. Investors all around the world are seeking low-risk, high-yield returns in a burgeoning wave within the technological sector of Decentralized Finance (DeFi), and bitcoin in general is opening up new opportunities across the whole financial industry.

By far, DeFi is on its way to become the simplest and most widely accepted way to make your money work for you in an environment where cryptocurrency holders may lock or stake their tokens and obtain high-interest rates that most thought were unattainable.

Clock24’s developers have released the Clock24 Autostaking Protocol, a DeFi 2.0 technology that delivers a decentralized financial asset that pays users with a sustainable fixed compound interest rate via its proprietary protocol.

What exactly is Clock24 ?

Cx24’s auto-staking protocol is redefining decentralized finance: a revolutionary new financial protocol that will simplify and revolutionize basic staking, owing to amplified automatic staking returns that give an exponential APY. The CAP auto-staking protocol provides a $C24 native token, a sensitive auto-staking mechanism, and dialing functionality. Furthermore, the addition of these functionalities, as well as the production of a predetermined APY every 10 minutes, increases the token’s value proposition. is a decentralized financial asset that gives its members a 0.018 percent growth in their assets every 10 minutes. The C24 incentive generating system is a one-of-a-kind protocol that has enhanced profit-making. Every 10 minutes, the C24 rewarding system creates and distributes a 0.018 percent incentive to all active users. RFI attributes are provided by the protocol. This protocol has novel technology and features that other forks do not have. It is purpose-built to be automated and efficient.

Creation of own chain :

The platoon discovered that the Ethereum blockchain doesn’t fit, and can not achieve the objects, as well as the demands and stylish interests of token holders and druggies in the long run, in terms of ease of use, sale speed, sale volume, and sale pricing. As a result, the platoon is developing”Siberia,”a new DeFi blockchain technology. Siberia will help CLOCKX24 achieve a number of pretensions, including simplifying its integration into the metaverse for the provision of colorful payment, DeFi, and banking services, as well as the development of entertainment, gaming, and gambling content. It’ll be grounded on the Proof-of- Stake agreement system. As a completely decentralized and independent blockchain, this new blockchain will live on top of CLOCKX24 and will be governed by an outside authority. The platoon’s thing is to complete development and testing of the Siberia blockchain by late 2023, after which it’ll be stationed. The CLOCKX24 Token is now being migrated from the Ethereum blockchain to the new Siberia blockchain. This would give CLOCKX24 Token with far quicker transfer and sale pets at a bit of the cost of BNB, and without the need for a clumsy” mediator” approach to conduct a sale.

Features of Clock24 :

  • Autostaking Protocol (CAP) Clock x24 — Highest Fixed APY — Staking in CAP provides token holders with simplicity, security, and a continuous fixed high yield return of 1,284,615.72 percent APY. It appears in the C24 token.
  • Low Risk — C24 Insurance Fund (CIF) — 2% of all trading costs are saved in the C24 Insurance Fund, which helps preserve and support the staking benefits by ensuring price stability and lowering downside risk.
  • Staking — Simple and Secure — The C24 coin is always kept in your wallet; it is never given to a third party or centralized authority. All you have to do is buy and maintain since you will instantly earn rewards in your own wallet, removing the need for any time-consuming staking procedures.
  • Automatic Payments — Interest Yield — You don’t have to worry about re-staking your tokens. The interest rate is paid immediately and compounded in your wallet, ensuring that you never miss a payment.
  • Highest Fixed APY — C24 pays out 1,284,615.72 percent in the first year, which exceeds anything else in the DeFi space to date.
  • Rapid Interest Payments — The C24 System rewards every C24 Token holder every 10 minutes, or 144 times per day, making it the quickest auto-compounding protocol in cryptocurrency.
  • Auto Token Burn (Burning Pit) — One of the most fascinating aspects of the C24 Protocol is an automated token burn mechanism known as the “Burning Pit,” which prevents circulating supply from becoming uncontrollable. The Burning Pit consumes 2% of all C24 Token market sales in the same unique transaction.

Tokenomics :

Roadmap :

Conclusion :

C24 is a Defi protocol that is expected to outperform bitcoin by paying regular compound interest to all C24 token holders of up to 1,284,615.72 %per year with a 100 % execution guarantee. There aren’t many guarantees in the world, especially when it comes to funding, but C24 provides one. What distinguishes C24 is its beautiful architectural design, in which all interest cycles are preset and hardcoded into the C24 protocol’s programming. Simply said, there are pre-programmed EPOCH cycles, and because they are encoded into the blockchain smart contract, no cycle or interest payment can be edited or changed. Investors will get up to 0.018 % of interest paid every cycle compounded every 10 minutes. Cycles are ensured, automated payouts are made, strong encryption on the blockchain is used, and the system is entirely decentralized to ensure safety and security.

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