CD3D: Where DeFi and Gaming Collide

Hello to everyone. In this post, I will go through the CD3D project (, which is a new project in the cryptocurrency market, in great depth.

The firm will get a commission fee per entry fee (rake) in CD3D for CinemaDraft contests with CD3D prize pools. The value of one’s assets will be computed in BUSD and may be withdrawn at any moment, provided the wallet is decentralized Metamask or BEP-20 compliant.

The CinemaDraft platform generates CD3D engagement monetization. CinemaDraft helped address Hollywood’s concerns of decades of falling cinema attendance and efforts to recoup pre-pandemic box office profits through the gamification and payment of conventional fantasy sports headgear.

What is CD3D?

  • The CinemaDraft gaming platform’s in-game token that also serves as the centerpiece of your DeFi portfolio.
  • CD3D is the native in-app token for CinemaDraft, a daily fantasy sports (DFS)-style entertainment gaming platform starring your favorite Hollywood actors.

What is the goal of the CD3D project?

To create a native token, dubbed CD3D, for the CinemaDraft daily fantasy sports (DFS)-style movie game that also functions as an independent, revenue-generating vehicle for both participants and speculators.

How does CD3D project work?

A Binance Smart Chain-based smart contract decentralized app (dApp) coin that will serve as the CinemaDraft gaming platform’s in-game economy for games and corporate services. Owners can use it to play in CD3D paid contests, keep it for dividends based on transactional income, or profit from price appreciation owing to increasing usefulness and scarcity as a deflationary token in addition to utilizing it for discounts on CinemaDraft products and services.

How does CinemaDraft assist?

CD3D is the monetization of the CinemaDraft platform’s interaction. CinemaDraft, which uses gamification and a typical fantasy sports salary cap methodology, helps Hollywood tackle the problem of decades-long falling movie theater attendance and its quest to recoup pre-pandemic box office income.

What are the benefits of using CD3D tokens?

The use of the CD3D token in conjunction with the weekly CinemaDraft game guarantees that the CD3D contract remains active — and earns transaction fees. The value of this type of smart contract-based coin is determined by the amount and regularity of dividends it generates.

  • Who Pays? is the solution to the content revenue issue. (you pay, I pay, someone else pays) by devising a fourth option: all or none of the above.
  • By owning CD3D, you may generate passive revenue by either saving or playing for free or real money.

Is it possible to generate money with CD3D?

Yes. You may earn money in a variety of ways by trading BUSD for CD3D :

  • getting transaction fee dividends.
  • CD3D price increase as a result of transactional and market-based activity.
  • obtaining profits from referral fees.
  • obtaining CD3D via participating in CinemaDraft games.

How can I earn CD3D for free?

Participate in our CD3D freerolls. To earn community awards, be an active, constructive member of the upcoming CinemaDraft player community site. Sign up for a CD3D wallet and distribute your referral link to others;

You will get 33% of the profits generated by your referrals.

How can I use CD3D on CinemaDraft?

In addition to participating in CD3D entry games for additional CD3D, CinemaDraft will provide services and products in return for CD3D, most likely at a discount to fiat pricing.

Tokenomics :

Roadmap :


This grant will improve a connected system of digital collections known as Star Cards, in addition to honoring community involvement. This nFT will be linked to daily play organically, will reward game performance-based tokens to Star Card holders, and will establish an out-of-game value ecosystem with auction and trading markets.

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