ccFOUND: Bringing People Together and Enabling Them To Exchange Information, Knowledge, and Wisdom.

Through the emergence of the Internet system, on which numerous applications have been built and are continuously being created, the world has received enough information on nearly all aspects of life. The internet has a wide range of products and services, such as TV shows, podcasts, and the release of numerous books and courses.

These recent advances on the internet have enabled the global population to have simple access to information, in contrast to previous centuries when there was restricted access to appropriate information due to a lack of internet capabilities to expose global occurrences. A time when the Prussians used fact memory as the foundation of their education.
Since of today, anyone with an internet-enabled computer device may access any information on anything happening across the world, as the Internet is saturated with information that is processed in seconds.

We have now entered the information era after successfully decentralizing information via the Internet. We have easy access to knowledge, but we must extract knowledge from it.
Most of the time, the results of a search engine on the Internet are unsatisfactory. Especially when it comes to forecasting and investing in stock assets and cryptocurrency. Most of the time, the results of such searches do not provide an acceptable answer. This results in extra time and data spent in quest of appropriate information.

ccFound is a platform that assists its users in organically acquiring information via the use of Questions and Answers methodologies. In order to incorporate the world into the platform, it will utilize machine tools to automatically convert its information into multiple languages. Users vote to make decisions in the community, while the platform’s creators have more voting power.

ccFound’s Fundamental Assumptions :

Nature of document :

The Found document is intended to provide helpful information on the community’s activities and goods. The team has made every effort to ensure that investors have all of the information they need to participate in the Found currency, and as a result, the Found community reserves legal rights to any risks associated with its users’ investments.
It should be noted that the information on the company papers is not an invitation or advise to invest; rather, it is provided for the users’ information.

Applicable Law :

The Found coin is not a financial instrument that may be exchanged in any local securities or stock exchanges. Its document was created in accordance with public legislation.

Liability :

The ccFound community is responsible for the authenticity and validity of all information included in its documents as of the time they were created.

Features of ccFound :

The establishment of channels for the sharing of information and expertise.
Provision of tools, a favorable atmosphere, and an agreed-upon development assistant
The top professors are chosen to provide seminars, educational courses, consultations, webinars, publications, and conferences, among other things.

Assisting qualified experts in finding suitable employment and companies in finding qualified personnel.

Other goods will be developed by the community in order to attract additional investors and expand the community.

In the community, an institution will be formed to minimize spam, fraud, and needless transactions. To delegate authority to the people, a Decentralized Autonomous Organization will be formed.
The ecosystem will be controlled to allow people to acquire authorization by demonstrating a real commitment to the community’s progress.
To preserve the value of Found tokens, smart contracts will be formed on DEX and Found tokens will be burned.

Information Accumulation :

ccFound performed study on material gathered from different platforms, including Internet forums, Wikipedia, Yahoo, Quora, Stackexchange, YouTube, and Facebook. The findings of these studies may be applied in ccFound as follows :

To keep the platform tidy, avoid duplicating queries.
Sorting and sorting current questions with a lot of votes, from beginner to advanced. This assists the reader in completing the education process on any chosen topic. It also allows the platform to create a self-updating knowledge base as well as Wikipedia.
It aids in the integration of comparable questions and answers, therefore restricting variables in the development of a large knowledge base. Users are compensated with trustworthy ideas. Order is maintained by receiving reports and evaluating their contents in conjunction with a four-tiered judicial system. Browser notifications in the form of push notifications
Mobile application development
For quality and accuracy, auto machine-learning language transactions with user moderation are used. Knowledge monetization via an internal information marketplace.

ccFound Token :

The CC coin is the ccFound community’s native token. It is a Binance Smart Chain ERC-20 token. The team will release 2,000,000,000 CC tokens to the community and has the right to issue more tokens if necessary, with the community’s approval. They will also put in place safeguards to guarantee that the availability of the tokens is within their control.

Private sale-14.5%
Retained CC-15.5%

Buyers of CC coins must fulfill specific community-imposed criteria, including KYC completion. Forms for purchasing tokens may be available at

CC tokens will be utilized in all community transactions. Users can earn CC tokens by selling knowledge items in the community. The profits can be divided as follows :

The author of the product will receive 80% of the proceeds. The remaining 20% will be kept in the community and applied as follows :

Holders of CC tokens will receive 50% of the proceeds.

40% will be retained in the development fund for future development.

To limit the availability of the tokens, 10% will be burnt.

Roadmap :

To conclude :

The ccFound platform is intended to evolve into a worldwide self-updating information repository. Its goal is to address information problems in a natural way. ccFound has established methods to enable and encourage its users to create information resources, as well as to promote and monetize those items. It will offer unprecedented growth to the cryptosystem and assist the global community in gaining more understanding through excellent information expertise.

More Info :


Forum Username : cryptopathum
Froum profile url :;u=2088829
Telegram username : @pathumbitcoin
BSC Address : 0x88c058389C0eaB00a3516273245C50Ca5141A34e

Review ICO, IEO, Exchange Contact Info: I like writing articles all is my favorite hobbie.thank you.

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Review ICO, IEO, Exchange Contact Info: I like writing articles all is my favorite hobbie.thank you.

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