Carbon12 is a cryptocurrency solution designed to help build churches and establish a decentralized financial economy among global Christian believers.

Blockchain and cryptocurrency technology have certainly gained widespread trust, interest, and attention from the global populace, owing to their inherent nature of democratizing finance by removing all central authorities, thereby placing all classes of people on an equal playing field free of any form of discrimination. Blockchain and cryptocurrency technologies have already been used in a variety of situations, ranging from government and bureaucracy to financial, agricultural, educational, religious, medical, and environmental cooperations, among many others.

Cryptocurrencies provide a transnational means of trade (currency), allowing any group of likeminded individuals and enthusiasts from anywhere in the globe to creatively produce great value from their shared ideals. In this essay, I discuss Carbon12, a blockchain solution aimed at integrating Christians and Christianity into the blockchain ecosystem through the adoption and use of a faith-based cryptocurrency that fits with Christ’s heart.

What About Carbon12 ?

Carbon12 is a cryptocurrency solution developed by Christians to enable a borderless and uninterrupted worldwide medium of commerce among themselves. Carbon12 will introduce believers to blockchain and cryptocurrency in order to harness the collective financial power of the world’s 2.3 billion Christians. Its sole goal is to establish a decentralized Christians-dominated economy that uses the development and adoption of a unique single global currency to bring 1 billion more Christians into the ecosystem.

Over the course of history, Christian believers have been known to be key contributors to the creation and growth of science and technology; yet, after the introduction of the digital revolution, they have remained on the sidelines and simply use it. Carbon12 is a movement that uses a digital economy to renew and change the culture of the worldwide Christian community. Carbon12 is using decentralized financial and technical developments to center its metaverse on an image of Christ.

Forum12, a firm run by a determined family of four Christ believers who have resorted to dedicating their finances and efforts towards advancing God’s kingdom, launched Carbon12. These four founding believers are known to be important stockholders and investors in Gravity Jack, one of the world’s oldest augmented reality and computer vision companies.

It is true that with over 2 billion Christians worldwide, there is no one mechanism for mobilizing and channeling their aggregate influences and efforts toward promoting Jesus’ path. Carbon12 wants to harness the full store of riches of Christian believers and direct it towards bolstering the brides of Jesus Christ, with the worldwide Christian yearly income standing at a tone of $10 trillion.

Instances in which Carbon12 is used as a solution :

There are several cases involving worldwide Christian communities in which Carbon12 is aggressively stepping in to take responsibility, including but not limited to :

  • How might Christians raise donations to churches while dramatically lowering transaction costs and eliminating the danger of loss?
  • How would Christians create a decentralized economy that cannot be manipulated by a centralized authority?
  • How will Christians remain a part of the global economy if they are finally barred from regular commerce?
  • In contentious communities, how would Christians develop and unify existing churches while also planting new ones?
  • How might Christians leverage on God’s blessings to expand His kingdom globally?

Carbon12 Tokenomics :

C12 is the native currency of the Carbon12 project environment. It will be coined with a total supply of 777,000,000 C12 to serve as the fuel that supports all economic activity inside its ecosystem. Carbon12 HolARgram and GridIron products will make extensive use of C12. Below is a full tokenomics of the C12 currency.

Carbon12 Roadmap :

In Conclusion :

Carbon12 is a Christian faith-based financial solution with qualities that will provide a stable ecosystem driven by a stable currency impervious to general cryptocurrency market swings. More crucially, the Carbon12 system includes wallet and tithe capability, allowing Christians to smoothly contribute to the expansion and fortification of God’s kingdom. Please see the official materials I’ve provided below for much more information on the Carbon12 solution.

More Info :

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