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What exactly is Calvaria ?

Gameplay of Calvaria :

  • Calvaria: Duels of Eternity is a game set in the afterlife, beyond the veil of death. Santa Muerte, Quetzalcoatl, and the Void all have their own ideas about the future. Seekers of novelty and the strategically minded will find an adventure and a realm inspired by Mexican mythology.
  • Players will choose one of three factions before gathering and assembling their forces. Once ready, they will take on the campaign and other players while expanding their deck and earning $RIA and $eRIA, the major currencies used for purchases in the marketplace.
  • As gods’ champions, players will take on the role of Calaveras, who serve as generals on the battlefield, and holding a Calaveras NFT will provide them additional powers in-game.
  • Victory is rewarded, especially in the harder leagues where smart play and outmaneuvering an opponent’s army are rewarded far more. All cards, even those won, will be the sole property of the person who currently has them.

Gameplay Modes :

  • Single player is a game mode that is optional yet beneficial. Here, the user explores the game’s universe’s past, progressing through the stages from simpler to more challenging. All single-player battles are fought against the game’s artificial intelligence.
  • Player vs. Player is the primary game mode in Calvaria. It is a playable battlefield in which two genuine players combat using deception and clever strategy. To boost your chances of victory, you can employ a variety of unique cards, power-ups, and collecting NFT tokens.

Features of Calvaria :

  • Addicting gameplay — The game mechanics have been developed so that players may create and employ their own gaming strategies to overcome opponents. Players will also be able to win upgrades or buy them from the in-game store. In addition, players will be able to employ collectible NFT tokens to boost the overall power of their decks. The game will draw a big number of players with varying gameplay aims and tastes.
  • Play to earn — By defeating their opponents in each round, players will be able to win tokens. The simple fact that players may make money just by playing a game is a critical component in assuring the game’s continued growth.
  • Calvaria and players will sell cards and assets on a comprehensive marketplace created exclusively for in-game transactions. Tokens earned by the marketplace will be distributed equally between the in-game treasury and those who stake the money.
  • Real ownership of game resources — Players will have direct ownership of all game resources, such as decks, unique cards, and upgrades. This allows them to resell them on the secondary market and utilize them in a variety of third-party decentralized apps.
  • Calvaria is developing an enormous economy that will not only draw gamers, but also persons interested in investing, trading, and collecting in relation to the project. Because of the staking platform, each member will be able to earn tokens in a variety of methods, therefore improving their personal financial situation.
  • Experienced team — A highly skilled team of engineers who specialize in decentralized apps and games, allowing them to manage the whole stack of duties that must be accomplished separately.

Calvaria Token ($RIA and $eRIA) :

$RIA Token :

  • The main native token of the Calvaria ecosystem is the $RIA token. Each new user must purchase an initial deck of cards with $RIA in order to receive access to all game features. To do so, they must buy tokens from third-party exchanges or straight via the game interface.
  • One of the primary things that will make the $RIA token noteworthy is its use in the shop. When players utilize $RIA to make purchases, the tokens are continually rotated, therefore maintaining the game’s economy. The shop will be the first place to see a range of new game supplies.
  • Users will be able to receive daily passive income incentives by locking their $RIA on our staking platform.
  • Holders of $RIA who have a particular number of tokens locked on the staking platform will be able to vote in community-driven polls on matters relating to the project’s ecosystem governance.
  • All $RIA tokens obtained through in-game shop purchases will be allocated as follows: 10% is allocated to the staking pool. and 90% goes to the game resource supplier.

$eRIA token :

  • Users will be paid in $eRIA tokens for the time they spend playing the game, and the tokens they earn will be accessible for withdrawal and sale on exchanges.
  • Players will be able to mix cards of the same level to get higher level cards. The $eRIA tokens will be used to pay for this process within the game.
  • $eRIA tokens, like $RIA tokens, may be used to make in-game purchases. Purchase income will be divided in the same proportions as the $RIA token.

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