BullPerks is a BSC-based decentralized venture capital and launchpad.

Launchpad is one of the functionalities provided by the decentralized finance system that helps project owners to more quickly launch their projects. Through launchpad, project owners can get funding faster, and crypto users can participate in potential projects easily and safely, without worrying about their assets, because the launchpad platform typically places all user assets in a pool, which secures all user assets using smart contracts, preventing manipulation or fraud.

With the growth of the launchpad feature in the crypto market, platforms with style in this sector, such as BullPerks, a platform that provides venture capital services and a decentralized launchpad based on the BSC platform, are lucky. BullPerks is a platform that allows users to pool their resources to invest in prospective companies with the assistance of venture capitalists. Users may simply invest with the BullPerks solution, and project owners can raise cash for their platform without the burden of going through things like borrowing from a bank.

Decentralized Venture Capital :

Because blockchain technology will continue to evolve in the future, BullPerks intends to support Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Tezos, Solana, Polychain, and other blockchain technologies, allowing users of these blockchain technologies to participate in BullPerks without difficulty.

BullPerks Features :

  • Professional Team: The BullPerks team consists of experts that have decades of expertise handling several initiatives in the cryptocurrency sector. BullPerks thinks that with this experience, it can give consumers with a platform on which they can trust.
  • Potential Initiatives: BullPerks projects are potential projects with a defined concept and team. All users have to do is choose a project that meets their requirements.
  • BullPerks investors and strategic partners include not just BLP token holders, but also future firms such as Moonwhale, x21digital, and others.
  • Staking and Farming: BullPerks members may earn passive money by participating in the staking and farming program.

Tokenomics :

As previously stated, BullPerks features a native token known as the BLP token, which will serve as the platform’s primary token. BLP tokens will be issued on the BSC platform with a quantity of 300,000,000 BLP and will function as a utility token, which means that BLP tokens will become prizes, stakes, and keys to access advanced features; otherwise, they will be unable to participate. Later, in order to participate in the private sale, customers must first get a BLP token. Users can obtain BLP tokens by purchasing them at PancakeSwap.

To conclude :

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