BSCTrust is a Binance Smart Chain Decentralized Launchpad Platform.

Many aspects of the global banking structure have been challenged by cryptocurrency, one of which is how citizens obtain money for their ventures. In the cryptocurrency industry, we refer to the word “Initial Coin Offering,” or ICO, which is a scheme initiated by crypto companies to raise funds for their ventures by launching tokens that investors can buy. In general, an ICO is the same as an IPO on the stock exchange, except the difference is that startup owners do not need to do complex things like file on the stock exchange or other things; it can be handled quickly. However, as the fundraising scheme evolved, it gave rise to other systems such as IEO, IDO, and so on.

The funding field in the cryptocurrency industry is evolving in tandem with the cryptocurrency market’s developments. BSCTrust recognizes this possibility and attempts to present the IDO network on Binance Smart Chain, which enables users to discover and gain early access to groundbreaking crypto-startups with high potential for success and development. Project owners can get financing and resources for their projects quickly and easily with BSCTrust.

Decentralized Launchpad with BSC Liquidity :

To retain investor interest, BSCTrust created the BSCLOCK liquidity and team token lock platform, which would temporarily lock tokens and liquidity for a set period of time. BSCTrust may prevent undesirable outcomes in this manner.

BSCTrust Features :

  • 3% premium to liquidity: BSCTrust will still charge a 3% fee when selling to the liquidity pool.
  • BSCTrust is a launchpad that connects prospective project owners with financing and technical assistance.
  • BSCTrust would guarantee that tokens and liquidity on the BSCLOCK network are fully safe.
  • Top stakers will get free NFT, which will be sold directly through BSCTrust.

BSCTrust Token :

BSCTrust Roadmap :

To conclude :

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