Brickken is an ideal platform for tokenizing businesses and raising funds.

Blockchain technology is a technology that may be used in a variety of industries throughout the world. Blockchain, as in the medical industry, may be used to create a system that makes transaction flows more efficient, safe, and free of manipulation. Blockchain technology may potentially be used to generate funds using cryptocurrencies. With today’s technology, it is simple to tokenize a firm. There are several platforms that provide tokenization options to enterprises interested in adopting cryptocurrency. As a result, a company will be able to obtain cash fast and improve transactions in their ecosystem.

By tokenizing their firm, owners will gain several benefits. And, for the time being, tokenizing the company is not difficult. It is a platform provided by Brickken that allows enterprises to easily tokenize their operations. Brickken delivers features that will make it easier for enterprises to establish their own tokens. Later on, this token may be used to generate cash, conduct transactions on their platform, and so on.

The goal statement is to assist asset owners all over the globe in raising decentralized financing using blockchain-based technology, allowing people and enterprises to create passive revenue. Brickken gives you the tools you need to tokenize the world.

Brickken’s decentralized application aims to standardize the process of asset tokenization and tokenization services around the globe, as well as to enable asset tokenization (dApp). We envision a future that is decentralized and tokenized.

Tokenization Platform :

it is not difficult for a company to tokenize its operations. There are several platforms available to them for designing and launching tokens according on their specifications. Businesses do not need to hire programmers or learn about blockchain because the tokenization platform handles everything for them. Users just need to pay fees; the tokenization platform will handle the rest. This allows a company to publish its token more rapidly and effectively, allowing them to access the crypto market sooner. Brickken, a platform that enables businesses to quickly build and launch their own tokens, provides this answer. Brickken developed a dApp that includes all of the tools required for people and companies to quickly generate their own security tokens without the burden of programming or learning about blockchain.

With experience and performance in mind, Brickken developed the UI to be as simple as possible. As a result, users of all skill levels, whether novices or pros, may use Brickken with ease. As a result, Brickken may make the tokenization platform available to everyone.

Brickken Features :

Brickken is a platform that provides the dApp required for individuals or corporations to create own security tokens. Brickken’s capabilities make it easier for consumers to develop and deploy security tokens without any programming or blockchain experience. Brickken’s solutions make it easier for individuals or enterprises to generate cash through tokenization. But that’s not all; Brickken has numerous additional features as well :

  • Brickken’s Dashboard : A dashboard that allows investors to easily browse and acquire tokenized assets with their Brickken tokens.
  • KYC : Issuers and investors will be safeguarded by a Know-Your-Customer system built into the platform, which will help to avoid fraud and scams.
  • Start STOs : Issuers will be able to launch their security tokens with ease. Issuers should just deposit BKN tokens into their account and contact the team for the assessment process; once received, the user’s security token will be processed and ready to launch.
  • Withdraw and Dividend : Issuers can easily withdraw and convert their security tokens to USDC. Furthermore, dividend distribution to investors may be readily managed by issuers.
  • Wealth Management : On the Brickken platform, investors can effortlessly manage all of their tokenized assets.
  • Swap : A platform that allows users to exchange their security tokens for other cryptocurrencies.

Tokenomics :

Brickken has developed a native token called BKN. With a quantity of 100,000,000 tokens, the BKN token will be released on the Ethereum Network ERC-20 protocols. BKN was released as a utility token, which means it can be used for both payment and investment. Users must have BKN tokens in order to access Brickken services, particularly those connected to the generation and purchase of STO tokens. Users can obtain BKN tokens by purchasing them on the Uniswap platform.

Roadmap :

To conclude :

Business tokenization is the most economical method of raising cash while also providing users with a contemporary transaction system. Nowadays, it is not difficult to tokenize enterprises; people and corporations may quickly launch their tokens using the tokenization platform without having any programming expertise. And Brickken is here to help as a platform that allows people and corporations to easily create their tokens. Brickken provides the dApp that people and companies require to launch their security tokens without requiring programming expertise. Individuals and corporations may use the platform to launch their tokens and sell them to investors. Investors may also search for prospective security tokens that fit their interests and simply invest. Brickken is the best platform for launching tokens, raising cash, and investing in future tokens.

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