BNB Cash (by BNB Fintech) is created in April 2021 as a BNB substitute particularly for exchanges that do not have a BNB presence. BNB Cash, which runs on the BEP20 platform, is quick, has minimal transaction costs, and, most importantly, is safe. We can guarantee that the actual usefulness of the token is unlocked by carefully planning our budget, timeline, and benchmarks. The team behind BNB Cash suggests a few real-world integrations to begin in 2021 and continue through 2023. Our initiatives are not constrained by market growth or the desire of our investors. These initiatives will drive BNB Cash to the top of the utility token rankings!

A fresh and creative financial technology firm focused on cryptocurrency.


BNB Cash is a legitimate token. The platform is now BEP20, BNB Cash is quick, transaction fees are minimal, and most importantly, it is safe.


  • P2P CRYPTO MARKET : The first intriguing concept we had was to create a marketplace akin to Craigslist, which is widely utilized in North America, or Easy, which has a large presence in Southeast Asia. It will be a peer-to-peer bitcoin marketplace rather than a fiat market. The goal of integration is to allow comprehensive selling, purchasing, and recording in BNB Cash transactions. To incentivize customers to spend BNB Cash in market apps, a referral program will be established, as well as a rebate system for successful purchases for our initial app listings.
  • Debit card : It is crucial to note that cryptocurrencies are still not as widely recognized as fiat currency at this moment. It will be history when we modernize. Until cryptocurrencies become the standard internationally, many holders will be frustrated or disappointed when their preferred coin is not recognized. To bridge the availability gap of retailers that do not take cryptocurrencies, BNB Cash wishes to collaborate with businesses such as Simplex so that all payment processors such as Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and many more may convert your BNB Cash into any currency the merchant desires! Simplex is our finest example to yet, but it is unverified; nonetheless, we will strive to persuade Simplex to collaborate with BNB Cash Fintech.
  • MOBILE WALLET : Unlike other wallets, BNB Cash Fintech would like to have its own wallet to incorporate all of the aforementioned efforts, as well as our unique program stated in the “Statement of Issues,” into a single user-friendly e-wallet. Keep track of their points, purchasing habits, and a smooth buying/trading experience on their exchanges, Cash Centers, POS, and even debit cards! Because integration will be considerably more diverse and harder than with currently existing wallets, the tasks listed above must be accomplished to guarantee our wallet is distinctive and in demand. Another issue to consider about the wallet’s development into the fourth anticipated development on the list is that there are alternative wallets accessible in the market for our holders that do not require any fees for BNB Cash integration at this moment.
  • POINT-OF-SALE SYSTEM : We will target businesses with an all-in-one cryptocurrency payment solution within our point-of-sale (POS) system in order to enhance the flow of BNB Cash transactions. Our vision for this new payment option is to create an atmosphere in which blockchain technology and Digital Currency can and will be utilized by everyone on a daily basis. The most essential element for a trader is cash flow, which will allow the firm to go further. All merchants of any size may get money quickly from transactions using our POS system, which allows bitcoin transactions to flow in real time! The selling of the POS system will create extra money for the firm in addition to increasing the usage of BNB Cash.


There is no disputing that other participants in today’s industry have different types of marketplaces, POS, debit cards, or even wallets. In that case, what distinguishes BNB Cash Fintech from its competitors? Using marketing wallet, we created our own retention program. Here are some of our major differentiating factors that set our project distinct from others in the market.

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Telegram username : @pathumbitcoin
BSC Address : 0x88c058389C0eaB00a3516273245C50Ca5141A34e

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Review ICO, IEO, Exchange Contact Info: I like writing articles all is my favorite hobbie.thank you.

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Review ICO, IEO, Exchange Contact Info: I like writing articles all is my favorite hobbie.thank you.

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