Block2Play is a decentralized gaming platform that promises to provide gamers all around the world with a variety of gaming options.

The term “metaverse” has been bandied around a lot recently, especially when Facebook changed its name to “Meta,” but what exactly is a metaverse? This is a notion that allows individuals to experience a virtual environment in which they may engage in numerous activities similar to those found in the real world. The notion of the metaverse has been often debated in the crypto industry since bitcoin allows for the establishment of a metaverse with an economic system that is lucrative for all players.

Blockchain innovation, like digital money and NFTs, is considered as additional adaption paths for computer games. Some live-administration games have in-game customisation options, such as character skins or other in-game items, which players may purchase and exchange with other players using in-game money. Some games also allow players to exchange virtual items for real money, but this may be illegal in certain countries where computer games are considered similar to betting, and has resulted in dark market issues, for example, skin betting, and thus distributors have generally avoided allowing players to acquire certifiable assets from games. Blockchain games often allow players to swap in-game items for digital money, which may later be traded for cash, while avoiding concerns associated with dark business sectors due to blockchain’s accountability.

Block2Play is a decentralized tokenized stage. It provides gamers all around the world with a new gaming experience as well as the opportunity to earn money. The level provides several methods of bringing in money and other motivators, such as extra rewards obtained through mission events.

The Block2Play (B2P) level provides a GTA5-inspired pretending experience in which players earn real money by completing particular tasks. These include completing missions, events, and the sky is the limit from there.

About :

The Block2Play stage is a tokenized decentralized stage that allows gamers all over the world to participate in a fictitious game. Every participant has the opportunity to win real money while playing. There are several methods to earn money, as well as bonus prizes through tasks or events.

Earn while playing :

The game is designed in the spirit of GTA5, with users participating in a virtual pretending game. The game’s personality needs to eat, relax, and drink in order to continue elevating intuitive collaboration to a higher level.

The look of the characters also plays a role in the game. Dressing well, for example, can assist a player’s character advance in their career by landing a better job. Characters can take on a variety of positions, both legal and illegal. Characters of the middle class can work as an administrator, cab driver, grease monkey, and so on. On the not-so-well-behaved side, a person can work as a mobster, a vehicle cheat, and so on.

The goal of the game is to earn money while playing. Players must complete activities, quests, and events in order to earn money. Furthermore, charged or paid items may be purchased in the game on an NFT basis, which provides certain benefits to the player, such as making tasks easier to complete.

To send and receive payments, a player needs connect their MetaMask or Trust Wallet to their account.

A clear goal is to move the individual up the profession stepping stool, whichever side of the law the player chooses. Players are fully willing to plan their person in whatever manner they see fit. Elements like as eye and skin tone, tallness, facial highlights, and height cannot be modified once this person has been developed.

The game will also contain a commercial area where users can buy items directly from the organization, which will always be available in limited quantities and variants.

Furthermore, players can offer, closeout, or exchange items to one another at a reasonable price. Everything is available in numerous categories and quantities. The categories are divided into three distinct groups :

  • Regular
  • Rare
  • Epic

Each month, the stage is limited to 5,000 participants. There will be two types of players: VIP client records and client accounts. The VIP client records will include 1,000 players, while the client records will include the remaining 4,000 players.

Tokenomics :

The total quantity of B2P tokens upon dispatch is 1,000,000 B2P, including a pre-deal airdrop of 100,000 B2P tokens distributed to financial supporters.

- This means that 900,000 B2P tokens will be available upon the launch of Pancakeswap.

- The airdrop of 100,000 B2P tokens has been stalled for a long time and cannot be supplied to ensure value strength.

- The B2P token includes a coordinated printing architecture that will be active beginning October 1, 2021.

Every day, 500 new B2P tokens are printed. As marking incentives, these coins can be singed, locked, or distributed among players.


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Review ICO, IEO, Exchange Contact Info: I like writing articles all is my favorite hobbie.thank you.

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Review ICO, IEO, Exchange Contact Info: I like writing articles all is my favorite hobbie.thank you.