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Many services have emerged on the blockchain market today, bringing creative and helpful concepts to global consumers. However, as more platforms have emerged in the crypto industry, the market has become more competitive, making it impossible for platforms to raise funds during their initial growth. Furthermore, it is difficult for buyers to engage in early presales in order to achieve better returns. Often in the early days, the lowest-floor rates were reserved for ventures or high-end developers.

Seeing this problem, WhaleMaker has created an incubator hub to assist young crypto startups. WhaleMaker is an incubation forum comprised of a decentralized group of influencers and involved contributors dedicated to assisting and profiting from new crypto startups.

Reimagining the Launchpad

If you’re a cryptocurrency fan, you’ve already heard of an ICO or IEO. This is a program that crypto companies use to raise funds from investors by conducting a token sale. However, this is incorrect since it just relies on fundraising and ignores the platform’s actual challenges and viability. Stuff like this, though, may be above during incubation. Since the incubation platform will concentrate on financing and platform survival. This is what WhaleMaker provides: an incubation forum comprised of a decentralized group of influencers and involved contributors dedicated to assisting young crypto startups and profiting collectively. At WhaleMaker, crypto entrepreneurs pledge not only access to funding, but also complete community participation. For both startups and founders, this is a win-win scenario.

Depending on their tier, WhaleMaker investors will gain access to the most exciting deals from the start. The higher a user’s tier, the earlier they will join project presales and spend in them, maximizing their earnings. WhaleMaker is fully open and stable for investors, with tokens that are auto-locked and encrypted to avoid rug-pulls and encourage users to engage in projects, among other things.

WhaleMaker’s Exclusive “Smart-Sequence” Launch

WhaleMaker is a crypto technology incubation site that focuses on launchpads and developers seeking returns on early transactions with crypto companies. What WhaleMaker does is encourage investors to invest and receive high returns on their investments so often crypto projects boom at the start, but most ordinary retail investors miss out because the opportunity has been grabbed by ventures and high-end investors. This is the issue WhaleMaker will address with the “Smart-Sequence” Launch, in which everybody will participate and profit together. WhaleMaker would streamline the entire launch, dubbed a “Smart-Sequence” launch, and then allow everyone to go from concept to complete project development, funding, and IDO launch on one site, potentially saving money. Investors will engage with entrepreneurs early on to gain access to more promising offers. The whole procedure would be safe and clear. To avoid rug pulls, the tokens will be locked and guarded. As a result, WhaleMaker will build lucrative launchpads not just for emerging crypto startups, but also for ordinary retail investors.

Features of WhaleMaker :

WhaleMaker is a decentralized network comprised of influencers and prominent contributors dedicated to assisting emerging crypto startups and profiting together. It is an incubation platform that makes for a win-win scenario for both, when emerging startups can gain access to funding and investors can gain access to the project’s early stages of investment. Users just need to purchase WAKER tokens to participate and benefit. But that’s not all; the WAKER token still has the following features,

  • Staking and Deal Aggregator: Users can invest in new crypto project private deals as well as staking opportunities.
  • Users will gain access to self-incubated public launch projects based on the WhaleMaker platform via Smart-Sequence Launch Ecosystem Projects.
  • Balanced Allocations: A merit-based scheme allows users to have greater access to allocations.
  • WAKER tokens may also be used for token governance, allowing top token holders to engage in decision-making.
  • WAKER tokens can also be used as a form of reward for participants and activities.

Membership of WhaleMaker

Users must be enrolled as WhaleMaker participants in order to engage in WhaleMaker. WhaleMaker created a subscription scheme with an entry standard that determines if the customer has access to additional functionality. Each tier would have a chance to receive an allocation depending on the number of tokens carried. As a result, the more tokens users have in their digital wallets, the higher the level they can access. The following data show the consumer level,

  • Level 1 Baby Calf: 5,000+ WAKER tokens held in user wallet.
  • Level 2 Juvenile: 20,000+ WAKER tokens held in user wallet.
  • Level 3 Young Whale: 150,000+ WAKER tokens held in user wallet.
  • Level 4 Adult Whale: 800,000+ WAKER Tokens held in user wallet.
  • Level 5 Oceanic Leviathan: Top 10 WAKER token holders. These token investors would be entitled to vote on issues including rights and governance.

Token :

As previously said, in order to engage in WhaleMaker, the user must own the WAKER token. WAKER is a WhaleMaker native token that serves as a service, governance, and rewards token. WAKER is an Ethereum ERC-20 coin with a limited availability of 110,000,000 coins. To obtain WAKER tokens, users must engage in private sales hosted by WhaleMaker.

To conclude :

Many new crypto startups are currently raising funds through ICOs, IEOs, and other methods, but this is the wrong approach because the network just raises funds and does not address actual challenges or ensure the platform’s long-term viability. And WhaleMaker provides an incubation forum comprised of a decentralized network of influencers and involved participants dedicated to assisting emerging crypto startups and profiting together. It is hoped that the involvement of WhaleMaker would allow new crypto startups that promise to raise new funds to benefit alongside investors.

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