Backed Finance — The Best Platform for Multi-Platform Investing.

In recent years, there has been a surge in the number of startups. However, only a few of these enterprises lasted since the major explanation is generally financial troubles; most of these startups originally had financial help from investors, but over time they were unable to sustain and had to liquidate their operations. This is incredibly unfortunate because many of these businesses have a lot of potential and can help the community. VCs or angel investors don’t appear to be very helpful either, because they seem to be simply interested in profit, and in some circumstances, these investors influence a company and lead it to go bankrupt.

Backed Finance: Invest in Startups Using CompanyCoins :

Newly emerging businesses require assistance since they have the potential to be the next Facebook or Twitter, bringing creative ideas and positioning them as industry leaders in the future. As a result, Backed Finance created a crypto platform that would allow consumers to support different platforms while also allowing them to thrive in the market. Users will be able to invest in firms such as Reddit, SpaceX, and others, or they will be able to invest in promising startups and keep them alive. Backed Finance, designed as a platform where a company would be backed, is a new platform that not only supports a company but also gives profit to users, because as a company expands, the CompanyCoins holders gain.

Backed Finance Features :

Backed Finance offers a competitive edge that distinguishes it as a clearly superior platform to VCs or angel investors. This is evident from the different features it provides :

  • Invest in many firms: Backed Finance enables CompanyCoins holders to profit from investing in several enterprises.
  • Benefit based on company growth: Backed Finance will make it easier for consumers to profit based on the development of the firm in which they invest.
  • Fees for businesses: Backed Finance will charge a 10% fee, which will be delivered to entrepreneurs as an incentive.
  • Backed Finance intends to peg BKD to BTC and will double it every 500k coins.
  • Backed Finance supports entrepreneurs by harnessing the power of the crowd. As a result, this firm will be able to grow and thrive in the market.

Market for Backed Finance :

The worldwide investment market is quite huge, and there is a lot of potential to be explored since, as we all know, many individuals are becoming more conscious of investing and want to invest in viable enterprises. However, if we utilize traditional methods, this would be more difficult since consumers will need to present several papers and complete KYC before they can engage in the market. Backed Finance sees this as an opportunity since people would be able to invest in numerous firms using their digital wallets rather than providing multiple documents or KYC. Users just link their wallets and invest their CompanyCoins, and that’s all.

Backed Finance Token Sales :

It is expected that $BKD Tokens will be sold in the future through a token sale scheme. Users who participate in this token sale campaign will be able to obtain $BKD Tokens at a cheaper price than before the token was published on CEX/DEX, which will benefit early investors. To participate in this token sale event, people may read more detailed information on the website and discover what conditions they must follow to purchase this token. And purchasing these tokens will not be difficult.

Conclusion :

Backed Finance created a platform that would allow people to invest in and earn from multiple platforms. Backed Finance leverages blockchain to allow users to invest on numerous platforms using CompanyCoins, and customers are not required to present any paperwork or KYC while using Backed Finance. So, with what Backed Finance has to offer, this will be a platform where various platforms will be supported, allowing them to grow and survive in the market.

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