Alice in Crypto World — A Fantastic Adventure Like No Other!

4 min readMay 8, 2022


Alice in Crypto World is the first multichain NFT games and dAPPs centered on the blockchain, complete with its own digital currency. Prepare to have fun with blockchain gaming as the company provides an excellent dream combat game. Furthermore, the game is legal to play and includes a limited NFT selection. Throughout the interaction trip, the consumers will witness natural-looking faces.

$ISLAND is a native cryptocurrency :

The local currency of the world’s first multichain NFT games and dAPPs centered on the blockchain, known as Alice in the crypto world, is $ISLAND. It provides revenue sharing and digging for the content and behavior, not just the resource having NFTs more than simple symbols or static graphics, but also processes them with features such as upgradable, ready-to-trade, and stackable DeFi objects.

Alice in the Crypto World examines all of the neighborhood driven material and achieving tokens as remunerations, from cultivating, NFTs, and blockchain utilization. The real Island aims to provide a welcoming, productive, and enjoyable atmosphere, as well as a creative stage for early tech adopters. It has a method of thinking that will lead you to a more profound level of reasoning as you progress through the levels and what the complete biological system has to offer.

The Voyage :

It will not be an epic voyage like any other. You may recognize certain faces as familiar. You can get collectibles and game items, as well as extra prizes and Exclusive NFTs, which you can sell in the commercial center for Unicorns and other in-game items. You may buy, sell, exchange, and trade your tokens using the online wallet and the coordinated framework, which is private, safe, conservative, and, most importantly, simple to use.

Highlights and Benefits:

  • Participate in blockchain tournaments to earn prizes such as True In-Game Asset Ownership.
  • Win 10,000 Exclusive, Hand Drawn Limited Edition SUPER RARE NFTs with Legendary Crypto Heroes shown in diverse settings as Masterpieces on Ethereum and Keys to Alice In Crypto World Fight The game that gets you more!
  • Interesting Alice highlights — clothes, covers, hairstyles, and so on near by a one-of-a-kind case on foundations, outlines, and everything else you may view thus significantly more, &like Chess Signs to engage you considerably more in play mode.
  • On OpenSea, clients can swap Alice NFTs.
  • Accept your first mint as an outside reference, and offer to win.
  • Quick and easy FREE MINTS!
  • Multiple options, buybacks, and more!

Play, Trade, Earn :

One of the most fascinating aspects of The ISLAND is that there will be a card that can be used for legitimate payments and will offer cashback and other benefits. ISLAND furthermore provides a visa and its one-of-a-kind ID later on, where you become an incredibly long-term resident of it after staying on The ISLAND for a specific amount of time. The higher the standing, the more $ISLAND will be displayed, implying that the client’s worth will continue to grow not just by purchasing but also by keeping the token.


Alice’s token has a HIGHLY LIMITED Total and Fixed Supply of 100,000 ONLY, 10% of the Total Supply will be issued to Alice NFT Owners, and 90 of thePre-Sale will be locked as Liquidity on PancakeSwap for 10 Times! Only 2% of ALICW Tokens will be set aside for The Team.

Token Adrress: 0x3Cf56521221EBe935515aa18aC3cddff64EAF68F

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